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r392: * DH_COMPAT=3 now enables the following new features which I can't just
turn on by default for fear of breaking backwards compatability: - dh_makeshlibs makes the postinst/postrm call ldconfig. Closes: #77154 Patch from Masato Taruishi <> (modified). If you use this, be sure dh_makeshlibs runs before dh_installdeb; many old rules files have the ordering backwards. - dh_installdeb now causes all files in /etc to be registered as conffiles. - debian/README is now supported: it is treated exactly like debian/README.Debian. Either file is installed as README.Debian in non-native packages, and now as just README in native packages. Closes: #34628 * This is really only the start of the changes for v3, so use with caution.. * dh_du has finally been removed. It has been deprecated for ages, and a grep of the archive shows that nothing is using it except biss-awt and scsh. I filed bugs on both almost exactly a year ago. Those bugs should now be raised to severity important.. * --number option (to dh_installemacsen) is removed. It has been deprecated for a while and nothing uses it. Use --priority instead.
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@@ -4,8 +4,6 @@ list grows - I welcome patches to fix items on it!
Wishlist items:
* Make dh_* "use strict".
-* Make dh_movefiles remove emptied directories after it's moved all the
- files out of them (#17111).
* enhance dh_installmanpages so it associates binaries and man pages and
installs the man pages into the correct areas to suit the binaries they
document. I may need to make this only happen when a switch is given, to
@@ -23,12 +21,6 @@ Wishlist items:
* All programs should also make sure the files they install are owned by
root.root. Situation is currently the same as with permissions above, plus
dh_installchangelogs is fixed.
-* something should add ldconfig calls properly to the postinst of packages
- that contain shared libraries. maybe dh_makeshlibs? But it wasn't designed
- to do that originally, and even worse, it is often run after
- dh_installdeb, so the fragments wouldn't go into the postinst. So maybe a
- new script is called for. But it's probably be best to just have a switch
- to enable this.
* Need a way to make dh_strip not strip any static libs. Also, it'd be nice
if there were options to dh_strip, dh_compress, etc, to allow inclusion of
directories and exclusion of files based on filename globbing. (Request from
@@ -51,14 +43,6 @@ Wishlist items:
-* remove dh_du.
- - need to wait a reasonable length of
- time. I'm currently planning on doing this after slink is released or
- one year after they were deprecated, whichever comes first. Be sure to
- grep whole debian archive for all of them before removing them, though!
- - currently, a few packages in potato use dh_du, but bugs have been filed.
-* Remove support for --number option
- - only dh_installemacsen ever used it, it is not --priority.
* DH_COMPAT 1. Can be removed once all packages are seen to be using 2 or
higher. I won't hold my breath.
* Also, grep the entire archive for all dh_* command lines, and check to
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@@ -25,17 +25,9 @@ them.
the .man filenames properly. It'll probably just assume all man pages have
an extension, and delete that extentation, and add the correct one.
-* dh_movefiles will use a name other than debian/<package>.files for the
- list of what to move, because it can't use debian/files for the first
- package, since that file is already used elsewhere. It'll use
- debian/<package>.move
-* dh_movefiles should delete empty directories after it's moved all files
- out of them. (#17111)
-* debian/README will be installed as /usr/share/doc/<package>/README in
++ debian/README is installed as /usr/share/doc/<package>/README in
native packages, and as README.Debian in non-native packages. This is
- consistent with the handing of debian/TODO and debian/changelog. (#34628)
+ consistent with the handing of debian/TODO and debian/changelog.
* There will be no change to the names of debhelper config files used, I've
decided against debian/<package>/* and the like, because although those
@@ -45,12 +37,12 @@ them.
documenting that debian/<foo> works, and will deprecate that usage.
debian/<package>.<foo> will be preferred even in single binary packages.
-* Every file in etc/ will be automatically be flagged as a conffile.
++ Every file in etc/ is automatically flagged as a conffile by dh_installdeb.
* Debhelper config files will support globbing via * and ?, when
appropriate. To turn this off and use those changarcters raw, just quote
-* dh_makeshlibs will generate autoscript fragments for ldconfig. This will
- require you call it before dh_installdeb, which isn't always done now.
++ dh_makeshlibs will generate autoscript fragments for ldconfig. This will
+ require you call it before dh_installdeb.