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+Debhelper v3 is a major new revision of debhelper. Currently, v3 is still
+being worked on, and will change in drastic ways without notice. This
+*will* break packages that use it, so don't, unless you like riding the
+bleeding edge.
+To enable debhelper v3 features (do this with *caution*), set DH_COMPAT=3 in
+your debian/rules. Also, it is a very good idea to add a call to your
+debian/rules like this:
+ dh_testversion 2
+To ensure that your package won't be built with some old version of
+debhelper that ignores the DH_COMPAT flag.
+Here are the changes I'm planning to make to debhelper for v3, based on
+prior discussion on debian-devel.
+Items marked with a + are done. All others will happen as soon as I can code
+* dh_installmanpages will be made into a non-DWIM program, so you'll have to
+ specify all man pages to install and possibly where to put them. This may
+ look something like:
+ dh_installmanpages -x xterm.1 xfoo.1
+ dh_installmanpages --section=8
+ Ok, there's a _little_ DWIM left in there, it'll be smart enough to munge
+ the .man filenames properly. It'll probably just assume all man pages have
+ an extension, and delete that extentation, and add the correct one.
+* dh_movefiles will use a name other than debian/<package>.files for the
+ list of what to move, because it can't use debian/files for the first
+ package, since that file is already used elsewhere. It'll use
+ debian/<package>.move
+* dh_movefiles should delete empty directories after it's moved all files
+ out of them. (#17111)
+* debian/README will be installed as /usr/share/doc/<package>/README in
+ native packages, and as README.Debian in non-native packages. This is
+ consistent with the handing of debian/TODO and debian/changelog. (#34628)
+* There will be no change to the names of debhelper config files used, I've
+ decided against debian/<package>/* and the like, because although those
+ subdirs do work, they're not allowed by the packaging manual, and they'd
+ make source unpacking by hand a lot harder. I will leave these files
+ completly as they are now. However, I will remove most of the language
+ documenting that debian/<foo> works, and will deprecate that usage.
+ debian/<package>.<foo> will be preferred even in single binary packages.
+* Every file in etc/ will be automatically be flagged as a conffile.
+* Debhelper config files will support globbing via * and ?, when
+ appropriate. To turn this off and use those changarcters raw, just quote
+ them.
+* dh_makeshlibs will generate autoscript fragments for ldconfig. This will
+ require you call it before dh_installdeb, which isn't always done now.