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r539: * Remove /usr/doc manglement code from postinst and prerm.
Do not use this verion of debhelper for woody backports! * Removed dh_installxaw.
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Please see the debhelper(1) man page for documentation.
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@@ -59,7 +59,4 @@ Deprecated:
* dh_installmanpages. Only mildly deprecated right now. Once dh_installman
catches on, make it emit a warning, and then wait for it to go away.
* dh_testversion. Remove as soon as nothing uses it.
-* dh_installxaw. xaw replacments are dying, nothing uses it validly (bugs
- filed on the few packages that use it by accident). Remove as soon as
- nothing uses it, or by april 2002.
* dh_movefiles. I won't hold my breath.