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dh_testversion: Removed this deprecated command.
2 packages in the archive still use it, but both like this: ifneq ($(shell dh_testversion '<<' 7.4.10 2>/dev/null && echo old),old) dh_parallel = --parallel endif Happily, the way that was written, if the command doesn't exist, it does the right thing and enables the behavior for the new debhelper. Not that it would greatly matter if it did not, since --parallel is not crucial.
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-This is the TODO for debhelper. As more and more people use debhelper, this
-list grows - I welcome patches to fix items on it!
* escaping in config files (for whitespace)?
* make dh_install use hard links for efficiency (maybe?)
* dh_installinit --restart-after-upgrade as default?
-* #487006: dh_installman with 3-letter codes
* clean up dh's handling of options passed onto commands it calls,
by implementing one of the changes discussed in #570039
(either change #3, change #4, or change #5; change #0 was done, but
@@ -25,7 +21,6 @@ Deprecated:
* dh_suidregister. Once nothing in the archive uses it.
* dh_installmanpages.
-* dh_testversion. Remove as soon as nothing uses it.
* dh_movefiles. I won't hold my breath. Have not added deprecation
docs or message yet.
* dh_undocumented