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r286: * Fiddlesticks. The neat make trick I was using in rules.multi2 failed if
you try to build binary-indep and binary-arch targets in the same make run. Make tries to be too smart. Modified the file so it will work, though it's now uglier. Closes: 46287 * examples/*: It's important that one -not- use a install-stamp target. Install should run every time binary-* calls it. Otherwise if a binary-* target is called twice by hand, you get duplicate entries in the maintainer script fragment files. Closes: #46313
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diff --git a/examples/rules.multi2 b/examples/rules.multi2
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--- a/examples/rules.multi2
+++ b/examples/rules.multi2
@@ -83,13 +83,12 @@ binary-common:
# Build architecture independant packages using the common target.
# (Uncomment the next two lines and comment out the third if you have
# such packages)
-#binary-indep: DH_OPTIONS=-i
-#binary-indep: build install binary-common
+# $(MAKE) -f debian/rules DH_OPTIONS=-i binary-common
# Build architecture dependant packages using the common target.
-binary-arch: DH_OPTIONS=-a
-binary-arch: build install binary-common
+ $(MAKE) -f debian/rules DH_OPTIONS=-a binary-common
# Any other binary targets build just one binary package at a time.
binary-%: build install