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r1880: * Update pot file and french translation with recent changes in the dh_installdebconf manpage
* Add -f option to force .pot file re-building. This is in waiting a patch, correcting a bug in po4a_0.23.1 * Add --rm-backups in clean: Otherwise ll.po~ are included in the source package. (see debhelper_5.0.22.tar.gz)
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--- a/man/po4a/po/fr.po
+++ b/man/po4a/po/fr.po
@@ -3,8 +3,8 @@
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: debhelper manpages\n"
-"POT-Creation-Date: 2006-02-04 13:07+0100\n"
-"PO-Revision-Date: 2006-02-04 13:28+0100\n"
+"POT-Creation-Date: 2006-02-22 12:52+0100\n"
+"PO-Revision-Date: 2006-02-22 13:44+0100\n"
"Last-Translator: Valery Perrin <>\n"
"Language-Team: French <>\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
@@ -97,7 +97,7 @@ msgstr ""
#: dh_installcron:24 dh_installinit:33 dh_usrlocal:38 dh_gconf:34
#: dh_installmodules:35 dh_installmenu:33 dh_installlogrotate:22 dh_clean:25
#: dh_testversion:34 dh_testdir:23 dh_shlibdeps:26 dh_scrollkeeper:31
-#: dh_installdirs:32 dh_link:48 dh_installdebconf:59 dh_installmime:30
+#: dh_installdirs:32 dh_link:48 dh_installdebconf:49 dh_installmime:30
#: dh_installwm:30 dh_builddeb:21 dh_gencontrol:26 dh_install:43
#: dh_makeshlibs:24 dh_perl:28 dh_fixperms:31 dh_installman:53 dh_movefiles:32
#: dh_installchangelogs:40 dh_python:35 dh_installdocs:51
@@ -129,7 +129,7 @@ msgstr ""
#: dh_installmodules:102 dh_installmenu:79 dh_installlogrotate:50
#: debhelper.pod:437 dh_clean:106 dh_undocumented:28 dh_testversion:74
#: dh_testdir:43 dh_shlibdeps:150 dh_scrollkeeper:75 dh_installdirs:87
-#: dh_link:212 dh_installdebconf:135 dh_installmime:84 dh_installwm:94
+#: dh_link:212 dh_installdebconf:117 dh_installmime:84 dh_installwm:94
#: dh_installdeb:93 dh_builddeb:78 dh_gencontrol:73 dh_install:251
#: dh_makeshlibs:200 dh_perl:140 dh_fixperms:107 dh_listpackages:28
#: dh_installman:224 dh_testroot:26 dh_movefiles:162 dh_desktop:43
@@ -145,7 +145,7 @@ msgstr "VOIR AUSSI"
#: dh_installcron:63 dh_installinit:199 dh_usrlocal:115 dh_gconf:92
#: dh_installmodules:104 dh_installlogrotate:52 dh_clean:108
#: dh_undocumented:30 dh_testversion:76 dh_testdir:45 dh_installdirs:89
-#: dh_link:214 dh_installdebconf:137 dh_installmime:86 dh_installwm:96
+#: dh_link:214 dh_installdebconf:119 dh_installmime:86 dh_installwm:96
#: dh_installdeb:95 dh_builddeb:80 dh_gencontrol:75 dh_install:253
#: dh_makeshlibs:202 dh_perl:142 dh_fixperms:109 dh_listpackages:30
#: dh_installman:226 dh_testroot:28 dh_movefiles:164 dh_suidregister:119
@@ -161,7 +161,7 @@ msgstr "L<debhelper(7)>"
#: dh_installcron:65 dh_installinit:201 dh_usrlocal:117 dh_gconf:94
#: dh_installmodules:106 dh_installmenu:85 dh_installlogrotate:54 dh_clean:110
#: dh_undocumented:32 dh_testversion:78 dh_testdir:47 dh_shlibdeps:154
-#: dh_scrollkeeper:79 dh_installdirs:91 dh_link:216 dh_installdebconf:139
+#: dh_scrollkeeper:79 dh_installdirs:91 dh_link:216 dh_installdebconf:121
#: dh_installmime:88 dh_installwm:98 dh_installdeb:97 dh_builddeb:82
#: dh_gencontrol:77 dh_install:255 dh_makeshlibs:204 dh_perl:144
#: dh_fixperms:111 dh_listpackages:32 dh_installman:228 dh_testroot:30
@@ -177,7 +177,7 @@ msgstr "Ce programme fait partie de debhelper."
#: dh_installmodules:108 dh_installmenu:87 dh_installlogrotate:56
#: debhelper.pod:451 dh_clean:112 dh_undocumented:34 dh_testversion:80
#: dh_testdir:49 dh_shlibdeps:156 dh_scrollkeeper:81 dh_installdirs:93
-#: dh_link:218 dh_installdebconf:141 dh_installmime:90 dh_installwm:100
+#: dh_link:218 dh_installdebconf:123 dh_installmime:90 dh_installwm:100
#: dh_installdeb:99 dh_builddeb:84 dh_gencontrol:79 dh_install:257
#: dh_makeshlibs:206 dh_perl:146 dh_fixperms:113 dh_listpackages:34
#: dh_installman:230 dh_testroot:32 dh_movefiles:168 dh_desktop:49
@@ -193,7 +193,7 @@ msgstr "AUTEUR"
#: dh_installcron:69 dh_installinit:205 dh_installmodules:110
#: dh_installmenu:89 dh_installlogrotate:58 debhelper.pod:453 dh_clean:114
#: dh_undocumented:36 dh_testversion:82 dh_testdir:51 dh_shlibdeps:158
-#: dh_installdirs:95 dh_link:220 dh_installdebconf:143 dh_installmime:92
+#: dh_installdirs:95 dh_link:220 dh_installdebconf:125 dh_installmime:92
#: dh_installwm:102 dh_installdeb:101 dh_builddeb:86 dh_gencontrol:81
#: dh_install:259 dh_makeshlibs:208 dh_fixperms:115 dh_listpackages:36
#: dh_installman:232 dh_testroot:34 dh_movefiles:170 dh_suidregister:125
@@ -260,7 +260,7 @@ msgstr ""
# type: =item
#: dh_installemacsen:38 dh_installinfo:45 dh_installinit:37 dh_usrlocal:42
#: dh_installmodules:39 dh_installmenu:37 dh_scrollkeeper:35
-#: dh_installdebconf:63 dh_installmime:34 dh_installwm:40 dh_makeshlibs:58
+#: dh_installdebconf:53 dh_installmime:34 dh_installwm:40 dh_makeshlibs:58
#: dh_python:56 dh_installdocs:60 dh_installcatalogs:46
msgid "B<-n>, B<--noscripts>"
msgstr "B<-n>, B<--noscripts>"
@@ -1044,7 +1044,7 @@ msgid "B<-u>I<params> B<--update-rcd-params=>I<params>"
msgstr "B<-u>I<paramètres> B<--update-rcd-params=>I<paramètres>"
# type: =item
-#: dh_installinit:67 dh_shlibdeps:32 dh_installdebconf:67 dh_builddeb:37
+#: dh_installinit:67 dh_shlibdeps:32 dh_installdebconf:57 dh_builddeb:37
#: dh_gencontrol:32
msgid "B<--> I<params>"
msgstr "B<--> I<paramètres>"
@@ -3260,63 +3260,25 @@ msgstr "FICHIERS D'ADAPTATION LINGUISTIQUE"
# type: textblock
#: dh_installdebconf:44
msgid ""
-"Debconf also supports localized template files, and this program has some "
-"support to aid is working with them. It is best to keep the translations in ."
-"po files under debian/po, and merge them only at build time. See L<po2debconf"
-"(1)> and L<debconf-getlang(1)> for details."
-msgstr ""
-"Debconf prend en charge les fichiers d'adaptation linguistique et "
-"dh_installdebconf fournit une aide pour la gestion de ces fichiers. La "
-"meilleure solution consiste à conserver les adaptations linguistiques dans "
-"debian/po sous forme de fichier .po et à les fusionner avec le fichier "
-"debconf original seulement au moment de la construction du paquet. Voir "
-"L<po2debconf(1)> et L<debconf-getlang(1)> pour les détails."
-# type: textblock
-#: dh_installdebconf:49
-msgid ""
"This program will look to see if you have a debian/po directory and if so "
-"will automatically call L<po2debconf(1)> to generate a merged templates "
-"file. Or if you have debian/templates.ll files, it will use the older "
-"L<debconf-mergetemplate(1)> program to merge those together."
+"will automatically call L<po2debconf(1)> to generate a merged templates file "
+"containing the translations. For this to work, your package should build-"
+"depend on po-debconf."
msgstr ""
"dh_installdebconf vérifie s'il existe un répertoire debian/po. Dans "
"l'affirmative, il lancera automatiquement L<po2debconf(1)> pour produire un "
-"fichier multilingue. En revanche, s'il trouve des fichiers debian/templates."
-"ll, il emploiera l'ancien programme L<debconf-mergetemplate(1)> pour les "
-# type: textblock
-#: dh_installdebconf:54
-msgid ""
-"Note that if your package has a debian/po directory it should build-depend "
-"on po-debconf."
-msgstr ""
-"S<Nota :> Si le paquet possède un répertoire debian/po, il doit dépendre de "
+"fichier multilingue. Pour que cela fonctionne, le paquet doit dépendre, pour "
+"sa construction (build-depend), de po-debconf."
# type: textblock
-#: dh_installdebconf:56
-msgid ""
-"For example, if you have a German translation, strings from debian/po/de.po "
-"are merged with debian/package.templates."
-msgstr ""
-"Par exemple, s'il y a une adaptation française, les chaînes de debian/po/fr."
-"po seront fusionnées avec debian/paquet.templates."
-# type: textblock
-#: dh_installdebconf:65
+#: dh_installdebconf:55
msgid "Do not modify postrm script."
msgstr "Empêche la modification du script de maintenance postrm."
# type: textblock
-#: dh_installdebconf:69
-msgid ""
-"Pass the params to po2debconf, if it is run or debconf-mergetemplate, if it "
-"is run."
-msgstr ""
-"Passe les paramètres indiqués soit à po2debconf, soit à debconf-"
-"mergetemplate, si l'un des deux programmes est lancé."
+#: dh_installdebconf:59
+msgid "Pass the params to po2debconf."
+msgstr "Passe les paramètres à po2debconf."
# type: textblock
#: dh_installmime:5