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-arch and -indep overrides
* dh: Now you can use override_dh_command-arch and override_dh_command-indep to run different overrides when building arch and indep packages. This allows for a much simplified form of rules file in this situation, where build-arch/indep and binary-arch/indep targets do not need to be manually specified. See man page for examples. * dh: Note that if a rules file has say, override_dh_fixperms-arch, but no corresponding override_dh_fixperms-indep, then the unoverridden dh_fixperms will be run on the indep packages. * dh: Note that the old override_dh_command takes precidence over the new overrides, because mixing the two types of overrides would have been too complicated. In particular, it's difficult to ensure an old override target will work if it's sometimes constrained to only acting on half the packages it would normally run on. This would be a source of subtle bugs, so is avoided.
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