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authorjoey <joey>2004-07-08 21:48:14 +0000
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r1695: * dh_gconf: gconf schemas moved to /usr/share/gconf/schemas. Relocate
schemas from /etc/gconf/schemas. (Josselin Mouette) * dh_gconf: kill gconfd-2 so that the newly installed schemas are available straight away. (Josselin Mouette) * dh_gconf: fix bashism in restart of gconfd-2 * dh_gconf: fix innaccuracy in man page; gconfd-2 is HUPPed, not killed. * dh_scrollkeeper: stop adding scrollkeeper to misc:Depends, since the postinst will not run it if it's not installed, and a single run after it's installed is sufficient to find all documents. Closes: #256745 * dh_fixperms: make .ali files mode 444 to prevent recompilation by GNAT. For speed, only scan for .ali files in usr/lib/ada. Closes: #245211 * dh_python: check to make sure is available before running it in the postinst. Closes: #253112 * dh_installmodules: install debian/package.modprobe into etc/modprobe.d/ for module-init-tools. These files can sometimes need to differ from the etc/modutils/ files. Closes: #204336, #234495 * dh_installmanpages is now deprecated. * Add a test case for bug #244157, and fixed the inverted ok() parameters in the others, and added a few new tests. * dh_link: applied GOTO Masanori's patch to fix conversion of existing relative symlinks between top level directories. Closes: #244157
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diff --git a/t/dh_link b/t/dh_link
index 3ab345e..68c7d4e 100755
--- a/t/dh_link
+++ b/t/dh_link
@@ -1,16 +1,28 @@
use Test;
-plan(tests => 3);
+plan(tests => 7);
# It used to not make absolute links in this situation, and it should.
# #37774
+ok(readlink("debian/debhelper/usr/lib/bar"), "/etc/foo");
# let's make sure it makes simple relative links ok.
+ok(readlink("debian/debhelper/usr/bin/bar"), "foo");
# ok, more complex relative links.
+# Check conversion of realitive symlink to different top-level directory
+# into absolute symlink. (#244157)
+system("mkdir -p debian/debhelper/usr/lib; mkdir -p debian/debhelper/lib; touch debian/debhelper/lib/; cd debian/debhelper/usr/lib; ln -sf ../../lib/");
+ok(readlink("debian/debhelper/usr/lib/"), "/lib/");
+# Make sure the link conversion didn't change any of the previously made
+# links.
+ok(readlink("debian/debhelper/usr/lib/bar"), "/etc/foo");
+ok(readlink("debian/debhelper/usr/bin/bar"), "foo");