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@@ -119,6 +119,16 @@ are not architecture independent.
Do not act on the specified package even if an -a, -i, or -p option lists
the package as one that should be acted on.
+=item B<--ignore=>I<file>
+Ignore the specified file. This can be used if debian/ contains a debhelper
+config file that a debhelper command should not act on. Note that
+debian/compat, debian/control, and debian/changelog can't be ignored, but
+then, there should never be a reason to ignore those files.
+For example, if upstream ships a debian/init that you don't want
+dh_installinit to install, use --ignore=debian/init
=item B<-P>I<tmpdir>, B<--tmpdir=>I<tmpdir>
Use "tmpdir" for package build directory. The default is debian/<package>