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@@ -337,9 +337,9 @@ introduced. You tell debhelper which compatibility level it should use, and
it modifies its behavior in various ways.
Tell debhelper what compatibility level to use by writing a number to
-debian/compat. For example, to turn on v7 mode:
+debian/compat. For example, to turn on v8 mode:
- % echo 7 > debian/compat
+ % echo 8 > debian/compat
Unless otherwise indicated, all debhelper documentation assumes that you
are using the most recent compatibility level, and in most cases does not
@@ -477,8 +477,6 @@ directory. In previous compatibility levels it silently refuses to do this.
=item v7
-This is the recommended mode of operation.
Changes from v6 are:
=over 8
@@ -507,8 +505,7 @@ none is specified.
=item v8
-This mode is still under development. Using it in packages will cause them
-to probably break later.
+This is the recommended mode of operation.
Changes from v7 are: