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=head1 NAME
-dh_desktop - Register .desktop files
+dh_desktop - deprecated no-op
@@ -15,34 +15,14 @@ B<dh_desktop> [S<I<debhelper options>>]
-dh_desktop is a debhelper program that registers .desktop files.
-Currently this program does not handle installation of the files, though it
-may do so at a later date. It takes care of adding maintainer script
-fragments to call F<update-desktop-database>.
-Note that since F<update-desktop-database> currently only handles mime
-types, as an optimisation, desktop files not containing MimeType fields
-will currently be ignored by dh_desktop.
+dh_desktop was a debhelper program that registers .desktop files.
+However, it no longer does anything, and is now deprecated.
-foreach my $package (@{$dh{DOPACKAGES}}) {
- my $tmp=tmpdir($package);
- if (-d "$tmp/usr/share/applications") {
- # Get a list of the desktop files that are in
- # usr/share/applications and thus might need
- # update-desktop-database be called. Other desktop
- # files don't.
- my $desktop_files = `find $tmp/usr/share/applications -type f -name \\*.desktop -exec grep -q "^MimeType" '{}' \\; -printf '%p\n'`;
- if ($desktop_files && ! $dh{NOSCRIPTS}) {
- autoscript($package,"postinst","postinst-desktop");
- autoscript($package,"postrm","postrm-desktop");
- }
- }
+warning("This program is deprecated, and does nothing anymore.");
=head1 SEE ALSO