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@@ -46,27 +46,19 @@ Debhelper programs should default to doing exactly what policy says to do.
There are always exceptions. Just ask me.
+Introducing Dh_Lib:
+------------------ is the library used by all debhelper programs to parse their
+Dh_Lib is the library used by all debhelper programs to parse their
arguments and set some useful variables. It's not mandatory that your
program use, but it will make it a lot easier to keep it in sync
with the rest of debhelper if it does, so this is highly encouraged.
-(There used to be a version of that was a library of functions for
-shell scripts. If you want to write a debhelper command that is a shell
-script, I can dig up that old library for you. Only the perl one is
-supported now, though.)
-Use like this:
+Use Dh_Lib like this:
use Debian::Debhelper::Dh_Lib
-The BEGIN block is there to make perl look for the module in all the right
The init() function causes Dh_lib to parse the command line and do some other
initialization tasks.
@@ -258,4 +250,21 @@ write_log($cmd, $package ...)
Writes the log files for the specified package(s), adding
the cmd to the end.
+Sequence Addons
+The dh(1) command has a --with <addon> parameter that ca be used to load
+a sequence addon named Debian::Debhelper::Sequence::<addon>.
+These addons can add/remove commands to the dh command sequences, by calling
+some functions from Dh_Lib:
+insert_before($existing_command, $new_command)
+ Insert $new_command in sequences before $existing_command
+insert_after($existing_command, $new_command)
+ Insert $new_command in sequences after $existing_command
+ Remove $existing_command from the list of commands to run.
-- Joey Hess <>