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-Building a package that doesn't have a doc directory:
-Policy says that if a package depends on some other package, and they build
-from the same source, the package can make its doc directory be a symlink to
-the doc directory of the package it depends on. If you want to do this with
-debhelper, do the following (assumes the package is foo-doc, which depends
-on foo):
-dh_link usr/share/doc/foo usr/share/doc/foo-doc \
- usr/share/doc/foo usr/doc/foo-doc
-dh_installdocs -N foo-doc
-dh_installexamples -N foo-doc
-dh_installchangelogs -N foo-doc
-So the dh_link actually sets up the symlinks. Then the three debhelper commands
-that normally write into doc directory are told not to act on package
-foo-doc. Voila!
Other notes: