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This needs more thought.
-* All debhelper programs should be checked that they output files with the
- correct permissions no matter what the umask is set to. Currently, only
- those programs that run after dh_fixperms have been so checked. (Checking
- the rest is low priority, since dh_fixperms fixes any incorrect permissions
- they might have; still it would be nice to check them too, just to make
- debhelper more flexible.) One easy fix is to add umask 022 to dh_lib,
- however, there may be unforeseen ramifications of such a change.
-* All programs should also make sure the files they install are owned by
- root.root. Situation is currently the same as with permissions above, plus
- dh_installchangelogs is fixed.
* Support use of environment variables in data taken from user, ie, in
debian/dirs. The problem with doing this is that we really want to allow
any filenames in that input, even those that look like environment
@@ -54,16 +44,6 @@ Wishlist items:
substitutions. OTOH, maybe it's better if people just sed before debhelper gets it's hands on it... (#25235)
-See debhelper's man page for what's implemented so far.
-These items are planned:
-* Maybe make dh_fixperms make all files in bin/ dirs +x. (#119039)
-* Make dh_link find existing, non-policy-comformant symlinks, and correct
- them.
* DH_COMPAT 1. Can be removed once all packages are seen to be using 2 or
@@ -79,3 +59,4 @@ Deprecated:
* dh_installxaw. xaw replacments are dying, nothing uses it validly (bugs
filed on the few packages that use it by accident). Remove as soon as
nothing uses it, or by april 2002.
+* dh_movefiles. I won't hold my breath.