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@@ -181,6 +181,16 @@ pkgfile($package, $basename)
package. The convention is that the files are named
debian/package.filename, and debian/filename is also allowable for
the $dh{MAINPACKAGE}. If the file does not exist, nothing is returned.
+ If the *entire* behavior of a command, when run without any special
+ options, is determined by the existence of 1 or more pkgfiles,
+ or by the existence of a file or directory in a location in the
+ tmpdir, it can be marked as such, which allows dh to automatically
+ skip running it. This is done by inserting a special comment,
+ of the form:
+ # PROMISE: DH NOOP WITHOUT pkgfilea pkgfileb tmp(need/this)
Pass this command the name of a binary package, and it will return
the name to prefix to files in debian/ for this package. For the