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* remove internal rules:target stuffJoey Hess2011-06-14
* avoid infinite recursionJoey Hess2011-06-14
| | | | | | | | The makefile parse causes dh to be run recursively. Before, dh would just immediatly fail with "unknown sequence", but now it has to run the makefile parse to calculate the sequences, so an earlier bailout is needed.
* honor empty targetsJoey Hess2011-06-13
| | | | | | An empty explicit target in debian/rules should still be run, to run its dependencies, and allow defining empty targets in order to skip running what's nornally done by a sequence.
* make standard targets support a v9 featureJoey Hess2011-06-13
* changelogJoey Hess2011-06-13
* inline sequences to optimize away recursive calls to make/dh for implicit ↵Joey Hess2011-06-13
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | targets This assumes that all implicit rules file targets are owned by dh, so it can just assume an implicit target can be optimized away to the commands in its sequence. I suppose this would break: build: dh build install: build dh install binary-%: install my-binary-builder-$@ my-binary-builder-arch: echo "whee! I did something pointlessly complicated with make!" dh binary-arch my-binary-builder-indep: dh binary-indep But I can't imagine anyone does this, at least with a probability of 1 in ten thousand, so hopefully it doesn't break any existing packages. :)
* improve sequence logicJoey Hess2011-06-13
| | | | | | | Reorder code so sequences can all be built before addons are loaded, so addon interface can always affect all commands in any sequences. This fixes a bug in the previous patch, where addons could not influence dh_testdir and dh_testroot.
* doc updates for recent changesJoey Hess2011-06-13
* move dh_auto_configure out of @bd_minimalJoey Hess2011-06-13
| | | | | | | | Callers overriding build targets will need to configure by hand or by calling dh_auto_configure, which should be the status quo. And moving dh_auto_configure to build (and build-arch and build-indep) will not make it run twice AFAICS (except for the edge case when it already did: debian/rules build-arch build-indep)
* remove calls to build-arch, install-arch, etcJoey Hess2011-06-13
| | | | | These calls are no-ops, unless explicit targets exist, and in that case later code rewrites the build and install sequences to include them.
* minor cleanups, no substantial code changesJoey Hess2011-06-13
* dh: Use minimal sequences if delegating workRoger Leigh2011-06-13
| | | | | | | | | | The build and install rules run a minimal sequence if the build-arch or build-indep, or install-arch or install-indep targets, respectively, are present in debian/rules. The purpose is to not do work ahead of time, such as building before the build-arch or build-indep targets are built, which could potentially lead to misbuilds. If the targets are not defined, the sequences may be run directly which is faster due to being able to run the arch and indep commands together.
* dh: Add sequence dependency supportRoger Leigh2011-06-13
| | | | | | | | | Rather than dh sequences containing dependent sequences within themselves, invoke the sub-sequence via debian/rules to permit overriding and customisation using the policy-defined debian/rules targets. Signed-off-by: Roger Leigh <>
* dh_movefiles: Optimise use of xargs. Closes: #627737Joey Hess2011-05-30
* Fix error message. Closes: #628053Joey Hess2011-05-27
* Fix example. Closes: #627534Joey Hess2011-05-21
* releasing version 8.1.6Joey Hess2011-04-28
* dh_ucf: Fix missing space before ']'s in postrm autoscript.Jeroen Schot2011-04-28
| | | | | While making postrm-ucf more like the other autoscripts I introduced two typo's in the code. This patch fixes them.
* releasing version 8.1.5Joey Hess2011-04-27
* dh_installgsettings: Correct bug in use of find that caused some gsettings ↵Joey Hess2011-04-27
| | | | files to be missed. Closes: #624377
* update for dh_ucfJoey Hess2011-04-25
* docsJoey Hess2011-04-25
* fix synopsisJoey Hess2011-04-25
| | | | does not process files from ARGV
* rename to dh_ucfJoey Hess2011-04-25
| | | | does not actually install stuff
* Bug#213078: debhelper: please consider providing dh_ucfJeroen Schot2011-04-25
| | | | | | Here is a patch against the master branch that adds such a command called dh_installucf. It also registers the conffiles with ucfr and removes stray ucf-{new,old,dist} files on purge.
* releasing version 8.1.4Joey Hess2011-04-22
* changelogJoey Hess2011-04-22
* Typo's in documentation regarding {pre,post}{inst,rm}Jeroen Schot2011-04-22
* dh_clean: Remove debhelper logs for all packages, including packages not ↵Joey Hess2011-04-21
| | | | being acted on. dh can sometimes produce such logs by accident when passed bundled options (like "-Nfoo" instead of "-N foo") that it does not understand; and it was not possible to fix that for any compat level before v8. But also, such logs can occur for other reasons, like interrupted builds during development, and it should be safe to clean them all. Closes: #623446
* releasing version 8.1.3Joey Hess2011-04-05
* reorder v9 section and add missing =backJoey Hess2011-04-05
* bugfixJoey Hess2011-04-03
* Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Hess2011-04-03
| * French translation updateValery Perrin2011-04-03
| |
* | fix name of programJoey Hess2011-04-03
* dh_installgsettings: New command to handle gsettings schema files. Closes: ↵Joey Hess2011-04-01
| | | | #604727
* Removed old example rules files.Joey Hess2011-04-01
* Depend on dpkg-dev (>= 1.16.0) for multiarch support.Joey Hess2011-03-12
| | | | | | Note to backporters: If you remove that dependency, debhelper will fall back to not doing multiarch stuff in v9 mode, which is probably what you want.
* documentationJoey Hess2011-03-12
* avoid depending on a dpkg that has DEB_HOST_MULTIARCHJoey Hess2011-03-12
* layoutJoey Hess2011-03-12
* Add support for multiarch.Steve Langasek2011-03-12
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | Open compat level 9, which incompatibly changes dh_auto_configure behavior to set --libdir and --libexecdir to the multiarch directory path. This requires dpkg-dev 1.16.0 (not yet released) for the multiarch directory variable, so bump the dependency to this version. Also set a new substvar, misc:Pre-Depends, to multiarch-support, a virtual package provided by versions of eglibc that support the multiarch library paths at runtime; this needs to be a pre-dependency to ensure unpacked but not-yet-configured libraries can still be found during upgrades, so library packages converting to multiarch (i.e., switching to compat 9) will need to add this substitution by hand to debian/control.
* dh_auto_clean: Inhibit logging, so that, if dh_auto_clean is used in some ↵Joey Hess2011-02-27
| | | | rule other than clean, perhaps to clean up an intermediate build before a second build is run, debian/rules clean still runs it. Closes: #615553
* typoJoey Hess2011-02-26
* releasing version 8.1.2Joey Hess2011-02-14
* Fix logging at end of an override target that never actually runs the ↵Joey Hess2011-02-14
| | | | overridden command. Closes: #613418
* typoJoey Hess2011-02-13
* releasing version 8.1.1Joey Hess2011-02-10
* fix unterminated S<..> in spanish poJoey Hess2011-02-10
* Improve handling of logging in override targetsJoey Hess2011-02-10
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Changes in 76ef1cbd64829ee4a5156a5fc4b887bcba6b974f broke --remaining-packages in override target. Now all debhelper commands run in the override target are marked as running as part of the override, and when the whole target is run, the log is updated to indicate that commands run during the override have finished. So, inside the override target, --remaining-packages will see the commands run as part of the target as having been run. Outside, if the target fails, dh won't see the commands run it it as having been run. Closes: #612828