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* maintscript filesJoey Hess2010-11-02
* note that the hardcoded arg_max here is obsoleteJoey Hess2010-10-27
* add file added by recent spanish updateJoey Hess2010-10-26
* Large update to Spanish man page translations by Omar Campagne. Closes: #600913Joey Hess2010-10-21
* Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Hess2010-10-17
| * Fix french misspelling and strings lenghtValéry Perrin2010-10-15
* | Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Hess2010-09-29
|\ \ | |/
| * update french translation.Valery Perrin2010-09-26
* | stop testing jobserver availability codeJoey Hess2010-09-29
* Avoid open fd 5 or 6 breaking buildsystem test suite. Closes: #596679Joey Hess2010-09-13
* Man page fixes about what program -u passes params to. Closes: #593342Joey Hess2010-08-17
* correct license of dh_installinitJoey Hess2010-08-13
* python_distutils: Pass --force to build, to ensure that when python-...Joey Hess2010-08-07
* updateJoey Hess2010-08-07
* releasing version 8.0.0Joey Hess2010-08-07
* Revert "python_distutils: Pass --force to build, to ensure that when...Joey Hess2010-08-07
* Finalized v8 mode, which is the new recommended default.Joey Hess2010-08-07
* python_distutils: Pass --force to build, to ensure that when python-...Joey Hess2010-07-25
* Bug#589574: [PATCH] dh_fixperms: Ensure files in /etc/sudoers.d/ are mode 440...Carsten Hey2010-07-18
* releasing version 7.9.3Joey Hess2010-06-30
* perl_makemaker: import compat(). Closes: #587654Joey Hess2010-06-30
* releasing version 7.9.2Joey Hess2010-06-29
* In v8 mode, stop passing packlist=0 in perl_makemaker buildsystem, since perl...Joey Hess2010-06-23
* releasing version 7.9.1Joey Hess2010-06-16
* postrm-init: Avoid calling the error handler if update-rc.d fails. Closes: #5...Joey Hess2010-06-16
* add autotools_dev exampleJoey Hess2010-06-06
* Merge commit '93a73a7ead5d90accb7259a46efdebab113e6550'Joey Hess2010-05-28
| * updateJoey Hess2010-05-28
| * In v8 mode, prefer the perl_build buildsystem over perl_makemaker. Closes: #5...Joey Hess2010-05-28
* | Revert "In v8 mode, debhelper only ever acts on packages that can be built fo...Joey Hess2010-05-28
* | In v8 mode, debhelper only ever acts on packages that can be built for the gi...Joey Hess2010-05-28
* dh_installchangelogs: Also look for changelog files in doc(s) subdirectories....Joey Hess2010-05-28
* dh_installchangelogs: Support packages placing their changelog in a file with...Joey Hess2010-05-28
* exampleJoey Hess2010-05-27
* wordingJoey Hess2010-05-27
* consistently use v7 not V7 (etc)Joey Hess2010-05-27
* In v8 mode, dh expects the sequence to run is always its first parameter.Joey Hess2010-05-27
* correct outdated commentJoey Hess2010-05-27
* dh_fixperms: Tighten globs used to find library .so files, avoiding incorrect...Joey Hess2010-05-27
* use dpkg-mergechangelogJoey Hess2010-05-24
* updateJoey Hess2010-05-23
* clarifyJoey Hess2010-05-23
* debian/compress files are now deprecated. Seems only one package (genesis) st...Joey Hess2010-05-23
* updateJoey Hess2010-05-23
* dh_testversion: Removed this deprecated command.Joey Hess2010-05-23
* In v8 mode, dh_makeshlibs will run dpkg-gensymbols on all shared libraries it...Joey Hess2010-05-23
* In v8 mode, do not allow directly passing unknown options to debhelper comman...Joey Hess2010-05-23
* update Package-Type docsJoey Hess2010-05-23
* Add deprecation warning for dh_clean -k.Joey Hess2010-05-23
* dh_installman: Avoid converting .so links to symlinks if the link target is n...Joey Hess2010-05-18