Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* dh_auto_configure: In v9, does not include the source package name in --libex...Joey Hess2011-06-14
* Don't add package name to libexecdir in v9Roger Leigh2011-06-14
* dh_movefiles: Optimise use of xargs. Closes: #627737Joey Hess2011-05-30
* Fix error message. Closes: #628053Joey Hess2011-05-27
* Fix example. Closes: #627534Joey Hess2011-05-21
* releasing version 8.1.6Joey Hess2011-04-28
* dh_ucf: Fix missing space before ']'s in postrm autoscript.Jeroen Schot2011-04-28
* releasing version 8.1.5Joey Hess2011-04-27
* dh_installgsettings: Correct bug in use of find that caused some gsettings f...Joey Hess2011-04-27
* update for dh_ucfJoey Hess2011-04-25
* docsJoey Hess2011-04-25
* fix synopsisJoey Hess2011-04-25
* rename to dh_ucfJoey Hess2011-04-25
* Bug#213078: debhelper: please consider providing dh_ucfJeroen Schot2011-04-25
* releasing version 8.1.4Joey Hess2011-04-22
* changelogJoey Hess2011-04-22
* Typo's in documentation regarding {pre,post}{inst,rm}Jeroen Schot2011-04-22
* dh_clean: Remove debhelper logs for all packages, including packages not bein...Joey Hess2011-04-21
* releasing version 8.1.3Joey Hess2011-04-05
* reorder v9 section and add missing =backJoey Hess2011-04-05
* bugfixJoey Hess2011-04-03
* Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Hess2011-04-03
| * French translation updateValery Perrin2011-04-03
* | fix name of programJoey Hess2011-04-03
* dh_installgsettings: New command to handle gsettings schema files. Closes: #6...Joey Hess2011-04-01
* Removed old example rules files.Joey Hess2011-04-01
* Depend on dpkg-dev (>= 1.16.0) for multiarch support.Joey Hess2011-03-12
* documentationJoey Hess2011-03-12
* avoid depending on a dpkg that has DEB_HOST_MULTIARCHJoey Hess2011-03-12
* layoutJoey Hess2011-03-12
* Add support for multiarch.Steve Langasek2011-03-12
* dh_auto_clean: Inhibit logging, so that, if dh_auto_clean is used in some rul...Joey Hess2011-02-27
* typoJoey Hess2011-02-26
* releasing version 8.1.2Joey Hess2011-02-14
* Fix logging at end of an override target that never actually runs the overrid...Joey Hess2011-02-14
* typoJoey Hess2011-02-13
* releasing version 8.1.1Joey Hess2011-02-10
* fix unterminated S<..> in spanish poJoey Hess2011-02-10
* Improve handling of logging in override targetsJoey Hess2011-02-10
* changelogJoey Hess2011-02-08
* refactor cross command generationJoey Hess2011-02-08
* mergeJoey Hess2011-02-08
| * Use cross-binutils helpers when cross-compilingLoïc Minier2011-02-08
* | releasing version 8.1.0Joey Hess2011-02-05
* | remove MODULEBUILDRC overrideJoey Hess2011-01-25
* | changelogJoey Hess2011-01-25
* | dh_installinit: never call init scripts directly, only through invoke-rc.dSteve Langasek2011-01-25
* | update to DEP-5Joey Hess2011-01-13
* | dh_compress: Ignore objects.inv files, generated by Sphinx documentation. Clo...Joey Hess2011-01-04
* | Ignore objects.inv files, generated by Sphinx documentationJosselin Mouette2011-01-04