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* | Updated Spanish man page translation. Closes: #686291Joey Hess2012-08-30
* | orderJoey Hess2012-08-30
* | Merge branch 'wheezy'Joey Hess2012-08-30
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| * dh_installcatalogs: Adjust catalog conffile conversion to avoid dpkg conffile...Joey Hess2012-08-30
* | python distutils buildsystem: When checking if a version of python is install...Joey Hess2012-08-27
* | dh_icons: Improve documentation. Closes: #684895Joey Hess2012-08-27
* | python distutils buildsystem: Propigate failure of pyversions. Closes: #68355...Joey Hess2012-08-27
* | dh_installmime: No longer makes maintainer scripts run update-mime and update...Joey Hess2012-08-27
* | Do not call update-mime and update-mime-database in maint. scripts as they ar...Charles Plessy2012-08-27
* | Updated French man page translation. Closes: #685560Joey Hess2012-08-21
* | Update French translationDavid Prévot2012-08-21
* | po4a: Update POT and PO files (trivial unfuzzy)David Prévot2012-08-21
* | Updated German man page translation. Closes: #685538Joey Hess2012-08-21
* | dh_lintian: Source overrides doc improvement. Closes: #683941Joey Hess2012-08-05
* | bugnumJoey Hess2012-07-05
* | dh_shlibdeps: Warn if -V flag is passed, to avoid it accidentially being used...Joey Hess2012-07-05
* releasing version 9.20120608Joey Hess2012-06-08
* dh: When there's an -indep override target without -arch, or vice versa, avoi...Joey Hess2012-06-07
* releasing version 9.20120528Joey Hess2012-05-28
* dh_installcatalogs: Turn /etc/sgml/$ into conffiles and introduce ...Joey Hess2012-05-28
* releasing version 9.20120523Joey Hess2012-05-23
* Set Multi-Arch: foreign. Closes: #674193Joey Hess2012-05-23
* Spanish translation update. Closes: #673629 Thanks, Omar CampagneJoey Hess2012-05-20
* debhelper: Fix minor source comment typos.Simon Ruderich2012-05-19
* releasing version 9.20120518Joey Hess2012-05-18
* dh_link: Doc improvement. Closes: #672988Joey Hess2012-05-15
* Fix versioned dependency on dpkg for xz options. Closes: #672895Joey Hess2012-05-14
* document parallel buildsJoey Hess2012-05-13
* releasing version 9.20120513Joey Hess2012-05-13
* dh_builddeb: Build udebs with xz compression, level 1, extreme strategy.Joey Hess2012-05-13
* Improve -v logging. Closes: #672448Joey Hess2012-05-11
* releasing version 9.20120509Joey Hess2012-05-09
* dh_install: Reorder documentation for clarity. Closes: #672109Joey Hess2012-05-08
* Updated German man page translation. Closes: #671598Joey Hess2012-05-05
* dh_installman: Recognize sections from mdoc .Dt entries. Closes: #670210 Than...Joey Hess2012-04-24
* dh_installman: Recognize sections from mdoc .Dt entriesGuillem Jover2012-04-24
* releasing version 9.20120419Joey Hess2012-04-17
* cmake: Only pass CPPFLAGS in CFLAGS in v9.Joey Hess2012-04-17
* releasing version 9.20120417Joey Hess2012-04-17
* cmake: Pass CPPFLAGS in CFLAGS. Closes: #668813 Thanks, Simon Ruderich for th...Joey Hess2012-04-17
* releasing version 9.20120410Joey Hess2012-04-10
* reorderJoey Hess2012-04-10
* dh_installinit: rework upstart handling to comply with new policy proposal; p...Joey Hess2012-04-10
* dh_md5sums: Don't skip DEBIAN directories other than the control files one. C...Joey Hess2012-04-10
* Conflict with too old automake for AM_UPDATE_INFO_DIR=no. Closes: #666901Joey Hess2012-04-02
* Fix “compatab*” vs. “compatib*” typos.Cyril Brulebois2012-04-01
* Fix a typo. Closes: #665891Joey Hess2012-03-26
* Fix a typo in debhelper.podAntonio Ospite2012-03-26
* comment typoJoey Hess2012-03-26
* releasing version 9.20120322Joey Hess2012-03-22