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* dh_listpackages: Do not display warnings if options cause no packages to be l...Joey Hess2010-11-22
* Revert "In v8 mode, debhelper only ever acts on packages that can be built fo...Joey Hess2010-05-28
* In v8 mode, debhelper only ever acts on packages that can be built for the gi...Joey Hess2010-05-28
* In v8 mode, do not allow directly passing unknown options to debhelper comman...Joey Hess2010-05-23
* Fix #572077 in one place I missed earlier. (See #576885)Joey Hess2010-04-08
* dh: Disable option bundling to avoid mis-parsing bundled options such as "-Bp...Joey Hess2010-02-16
* Fix handling of -O with options specified by commands. Closes: #568081Joey Hess2010-02-02
* bring back ignore_unknown_optionsJoey Hess2010-01-06
* fix bad interaction between -O and ignore_unknown_optionsJoey Hess2010-01-06
* don't call getopt recursivelyJoey Hess2010-01-04
* solve the dh -Bbuild problemJoey Hess2010-01-04
* Fix warning about unknown options passed to commands in override targets.Joey Hess2010-01-04
* -a == -sJoey Hess2009-09-01
* Use ASCII RS for separating options in DH_INTERNAL_OPTIONS.Modestas Vainius2009-06-30
* Make dh not complain about unknown, command-specific options passed to itJoey Hess2009-06-29
* clean up --sourcedir/--sourcedirectory conflictJoey Hess2009-06-28
* Revert "Improvements in DH_OPTIONS handling and DH_AUTO_OPTIONS envvar support."Modestas Vainius2009-06-13
* Merge branch 'master' into buildsystemsJoey Hess2009-06-12
| * Allow command-specific options to be passed to commands via dh without causin...Joey Hess2009-06-12
* | Improvements in DH_OPTIONS handling and DH_AUTO_OPTIONS envvar support.Modestas Vainius2009-06-08
* Add a global --remaining-packages option.Modestas Vainius2009-03-23
* fix corner caseJoey Hess2009-03-20
* Fix calling the same helper for separate packages in the override of dh binar...Joey Hess2009-03-20
* Merge branch 'dh_overrides'Joey Hess2009-02-27
| * fix option parsing sideportJoey Hess2009-02-27
| * dh override targetsJoey Hess2009-02-27
* | dh override targetsJoey Hess2009-02-16
* | Ignore unknown options in DH_OPTIONS. Debhelper will always ignore such optio...Joey Hess2008-12-14
* | fix wording for when there are multiple optionsJoey Hess2008-10-21
* | Move many command-specific options to only be accepted by the command that us...Joey Hess2008-10-21
* | Allow individual debhelper programs to define their own special options by pa...Joey Hess2008-10-21
* dh_installinit: Add --restart-after-upgrade, which avoids stopping a daemon i...Joey Hess2008-05-08
* dh addon interfaceJoey Hess2008-05-04
* dh is now workingJoey Hess2008-04-23
* initial version of dh, with option parsing and sequences in placeJoey Hess2008-04-23
* * dh_strip: Improve the idempotency fix put in for #380314.Joey Hess2008-01-24
* r2033: * Add --ignore option. This is intended to ease dealing with upstreamjoeyh2007-09-30
* r1971: * dh_installudev: Treat --priority value as a string so that leading...joeyh2007-01-21
* r1902: releasing version 5.0.30joeyh2006-04-13
* r1871: * dh_makeshlibs: add support for adding udeb: lines to shlibs filejoeyh2006-01-28
* r1864: releasing version 5.0.19joeyh2006-01-24
* r1851: releasing version 5.0.15joeyh2006-01-11
* r1849: * dh_installinit: If run with -o, do the inverse of -n and onlyjoeyh2006-01-08
* r1691: * dh_installinit: Added --error-handler option. Based on work by Tho...joey2004-06-29
* r1655: * Added udeb support, as pioneered by di-packages-build. Understandsjoey2004-02-09
* r1614: * Patch from Andrew Suffield <> to make dh_stripjoey2003-10-14
* r1611: * dh_install: add --fail-missing option. Closes: #120026joey2003-10-13
* r1596: * Remove duplicate packages from DOPACKAGES after argument processing.joey2003-08-22
* r576: * Rename debhelper.1 to debhelper.7.joey2003-03-03
* r557: * dh_installinit: added --no-start for rcS type scripts. Closes: #13...joey2002-10-11