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* Reorder dh_pysupport call in dh sequence to come before dh_installinit, so ↵Joey Hess2009-09-14
| | | | the generated postinst script registers python modules before trying to use them. Closes: #546293
* dh addon interfaceJoey Hess2008-05-04
* dh: Add an interface that third-party packages providing debhelper commands can use to insert them into a command sequence. (See dh(1), "SEQUENCE ADDONS".) * dh: --with=foo can be used to include such third-party commands. So, for example, --with=cli could add the dh_cli* commands from cli-common. * Moved python-support special case out of dh and into a python-support sequence addon. --with=python-support is enabled by default to avoid breaking backwards compatability.