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* r582: * Fix build with 077 umask. Closes: #187757joey2003-04-06
| | | | * Allow colons between multiple items in DH_ALWAYS_EXCLUDE.
* r576: * Rename debhelper.1 to debhelper.7.joey2003-03-03
| | | | * Typo, Closes: #183267
* r573: * dh_md5sums: note that it's used by debsums. Closes: #181521joey2003-02-19
| | | | | | * Make addsubstvars() escape the value of the variable before passing it to the shell. Closes: #178524 * Fixed escape_shell()'s escaping of a few things.
* r565: * Various minor changes based on suggestions by luca.joey2002-11-21
* r558: * Use dpkg-architecture instead of dpkg --print-architecture (again?)joey2002-10-17
| | | | | | See #164863 * typo fix Closes: #164958 The rest seems clear enough from context, so omitted.
* r557: * dh_installinit: added --no-start for rcS type scripts. Closes: ↵joey2002-10-11
| | | | #136502
* r551: * Make addsubstvars remove old instances of line before adding new. ↵joey2002-09-22
| | | | | | | This will make dh_perl get deps right for packages that have perl modules and XS in them.
* r549: * Fixed over-escaping of period when generating EXCLUDE_FIND.joey2002-09-16
| | | | Closes: #159155
* r546: * dh_builddeb(1): It's --filename, not --name. Closes: #160151joey2002-09-09
* r545: * Clarified dh_perl man page. Closes: #159332joey2002-09-03
* r540: * Added a -L flag to dh_shlibdeps that is a nice alternative to ↵joey2002-07-25
| | | | | | providing a shlibs.local.
* r538: * Make dh_installchangelogs install debian/NEWS files as well, asjoey2002-07-19
| | | | | | | | NEWS.Debian. Make dh_compress always compress them. The idea is to make these files be in a machine parsable form, like the debian changelog, but only put newsworthy info into them. Automated tools can then display new news on upgrade. It is hoped that if this catches on it will reduce the abuse of debconf notes. See discussion on debian-devel for details.
* r532: * Added --mainpackage= option, of use in some kernel modules packages.joey2002-06-20
| | | | | | * dh_gencontrol only needs to pass -p to dpkg-gencontrol if there is more than one package in debian/control. This makes it a bit more flexible in some cases.
* r526: * Don't leak regex characters from -X when generating DH_EXCLUDE_FIND.joey2002-05-23
* r523: * Removing perl warning message.joey2002-05-19
* r522: * Set DH_ALWAYS_EXCLUDE=CVS and debhelper will exclude CVS directoriesjoey2002-05-19
| | | | | | | | | | | from processing by any command that takes a -X option, and dh_builddeb will also go in and rm -rf any that still sneak into the build tree. * dh_install: A patch from Eric Dorland <> adds support for --sourcedir, which allows debian/package.files files to be moved over to debian/package.install, and just work. Closes: #146847 * dh_movefiles: don't do file tests in no-act mode. Closes: #144573 * dh_installdebconf: pass --drop-old-templates to debconf-mergetemplate. Means debhelper has to depend on debconf-utils 1.1.1.
* r519: * dh_installdebconf: allow parameters after -- to go tojoey2002-04-14
| | | | | | debconf-mergetemplate. * dh_installman: don't whine about zero-length man pages in .so conversion. * Forgot to export filedoublearray, Closes: #142784
* r518: * dh_movefiles has long been a sore point in debhelper. Inheritedjoey2002-04-12
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | from debstd, its interface and implementation suck, and I have maintained it while never really deigning to use it. Now there is a remplacment: dh_install, which ... - copies files, doesn't move them. Closes: #75360, #82649 - doesn't have that whole annoying debian/package.files vs. debian/files mess, as it uses debian/install. - supports copying empty subdirs. Closes: #133037 - doesn't use tar, thus no error reproting problems. Closes: #112538 - files are listed relative to the pwd, debian/tmp need not be used at all, so no globbing issues. Closes: #100404 - supports -X. Closes: #116902 - the whole concept of moving files out of a directory is gone, so this bug doesn't really apply. Closes: #120026 - This is exactly what Bill Allombert asked for in #117383, even though I designed it seemingly independantly. Thank you Bill! Closes: #117383 * Made debhelper's debian/rules a lot simpler by means of the above. * Updated example rules file to use dh_install. Also some reordering and other minor changes. * dh_movefiles is lightly deprecated, and when you run into its bugs and bad design, you are incouraged to just use dh_install instead. * dh_fixperms: in v4 only, make all files in bin/ dirs +x. Closes: #119039 * dh_fixperms: in v4 only, make all files in etc/init.d executable (of course there's -X ..) * dh_link: in v4 only, finds existing, non-policy-conformant symlinks and corrects them. This has the side effect of making dh_link idempotent. * Added a -h/--help option. This seems very obvious, but it never occured to me before.. * use v4 for building debhelper itself * v4 mode is done, you may now use it without fear of it changing. (This idea of this upload is to get v4 into woody so people won't run into many issues backporting from sarge to woody later on. Packages targeted for woody should continue to use whatever compatability level they are using.)
* r517: * Fixed an uninitialized value warning, Closes: #141729joey2002-04-08
* r515: updatesjoey2002-03-24
* r510: * Thanks to Benjamin Drieu <>, dh_installdocs -X now ↵joey2002-02-17
| | | | | | | | | | | | works. I had to modify his patch to use cp --parents, since -P spews warnings now. Also, I made it continue to use cp -a if nothing is excluded, which is both faster, and means this patch is less likely to break anything if it turns out to be buggy. Also, stylistic changes. Closes: #40649 * Implemented -X for dh_installexamples as well. * dh_clean -X substvars will also work now. Closes: #66890
* r509: * dh_perl: don't gripe if there is no substvar file. Closes: #133140joey2002-02-09
* r508: * Typo, Closes: #132454joey2002-02-06
| | | | * Ignore leading/trailing whitespace in DH_OPTIONS, Closes: #132645
* r506: * Introduced the debian/compat file. This is the new, preferred way ↵joey2002-01-27
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | to say what debhelper compatability level your package uses. It has the big advantage of being available to debhelper when you run it at the command line, as well as in debian/rules. * A new v4 feature: dh_installinit, in v4 mode, will use invoke-rc.d. This is in v4 for testing, but I may well roll it back into v3 (and earlier) once woody is released and I don't have to worry about breaking things (and, presumably, once invoke-rc.d enters policy). * Some debhelper commands will now build up a new substvars variable, ${misc:Depends}, based on things they know your package needs to depend on. For example, dh_installinit in v4 mode adds sysvinit (>= 2.80-1) to that dep list, and dh_installxfonts adds a dep on xutils. This variable should make it easier to keep track of what your package needs to depends on, supplimenting the ${shlibs:Depends} and ${perl:Depends} substvars. Hmm, this appears to be based loosely on an idea by Masato Taruishi <>, filtered through a long period of mulling it over. Closes: #76352 * Use the addsubstvar function I wrote for the above in dh_perl too.
* r501: * Began work on v4 support (and thus the large version number ↵joey2002-01-06
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | jump), and it is only for the very brave right now since I will unhesitatingly break compatability in v4 mode as I'm developing it. Currently, updating to v4 mode will only make dh_makeshlibs -V generate shared library deps that omit the debian part of the version number. The reasoning behind this change is that the debian revision should not typically break binary compatability, that existing use of -V is causing too tight versioned deps, and that if you do need to include the debian revision for some reason, you can always write it out by hand. Closes: #101497 * dh_testversion is deprecated -- use build deps instead. A warning message is now output when it runs. Currently used by: 381 packages. * dh_installxaw is deprecated -- xaw-wrappers in no longer in the distribution. A warning message is now output when it runs. Currently used by: 3 packages (bugs filed). * Added referneces to menufile in dh_installmenu man page. Closes: #127978 (dh_make is not a part of debhelper, if you want it changed, file a bug on dh-make.)
* r498: * Typo, Closes: #122679joey2001-12-21
| | | | | * Export dirname from Dh_Lib, and related cleanup, Closes: #125770 * Document dirname, basename in PROGRAMMING
* r495: * dh_undocumented: check for existing uncompressed man pages. ↵joey2001-11-17
| | | | | | | | | | | Closes: #87972 * Optimized dh_installdeb conffile finding. Closes: #119035 * dh_installdeb: changed the #!/bin/sh -e to set -e on a new line. Whether this additional bloat is worth it to make it easier for people to sh -x a script by hand is debatable either way, I guess. Closes: #119046 * Added a check for duplicated package stanzas in debian/control, Closes: #118805
* r482: * Spellpatch, Closes: #101553joey2001-06-21
* r472: * Fixed issues with extended parameters to dh_gencontrol including ↵joey2001-05-29
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | spaces and quotes. This was some histirical cruft that deals with splitting up the string specified by -u, and it should not have applied to the set of options after --. Now that it's fixed, any and all programs that support a -- and options after it, do not require any special quoting of the succeeding options. Quote just like you would in whatever program those options go to. So, for example, dh_gencontrol -Vblah:Depends='foo, bar (>= 1.2)' will work just as you would hope. This fix does NOT apply to -u; don't use -u if you must do something complex. Closes: #89311 * Made escape_shell output a lot better.
* r471: * Always include package name in maintainer script fragment filenamesjoey2001-05-24
| | | | | | and generated shlibs files (except for in DH_COMPAT=1 mode). This is a purely cosmetic change, and if it breaks anything, you were using an undocumented interface. Closes: #95387
* r449: * dh_perl updatejoey2001-02-25
* r420: big monsta changesjoey2001-02-09
* r412: * Bah, reverted that last change. It isn't useful becausejoey2001-01-28
| | | | dpkg-buildpackage reads the real control file and gets confused.
* r410: * Added the ability to make debhelper read a different file thanjoey2001-01-25
| | | | | debian/control as the control file. This is very useful for various and sundry things, all Evil, most involving kernel packages.
* r409: * Corrected globbing issue with dh_movefiles in v3 mode. Closes: #81431joey2001-01-22
* r400: * Oops, it was not expanding wildcard when it should.joey2000-11-30
* r398: * If DH_COMPAT=3 is set, the following happens:joey2000-11-28
| | | | | | | | - Various debian/foo files like debian/docs, debian/examples, etc, begin to support filename globbing. use \* to escape the wildcards of course. I doubt this will bite anyone (Debian doesn't seem to contain files with "*" or "?" in their names..), but it is guarded by v3 just to be sure. Closes: #34120, #37694, #39846, #46249
* r396: working toward config file globbing support. Need to modify a bunch ofjoey2000-11-28
| | | | function, and add support for escaped stuff
* r392: * DH_COMPAT=3 now enables the following new features which I can't justjoey2000-11-27
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | turn on by default for fear of breaking backwards compatability: - dh_makeshlibs makes the postinst/postrm call ldconfig. Closes: #77154 Patch from Masato Taruishi <> (modified). If you use this, be sure dh_makeshlibs runs before dh_installdeb; many old rules files have the ordering backwards. - dh_installdeb now causes all files in /etc to be registered as conffiles. - debian/README is now supported: it is treated exactly like debian/README.Debian. Either file is installed as README.Debian in non-native packages, and now as just README in native packages. Closes: #34628 * This is really only the start of the changes for v3, so use with caution.. * dh_du has finally been removed. It has been deprecated for ages, and a grep of the archive shows that nothing is using it except biss-awt and scsh. I filed bugs on both almost exactly a year ago. Those bugs should now be raised to severity important.. * --number option (to dh_installemacsen) is removed. It has been deprecated for a while and nothing uses it. Use --priority instead.
* r380: * dh_builddeb: added a --filename option to specify the output ↵joey2000-10-28
| | | | | | | filename. This is intended to be used when building .udebs for the debian installer.
* r371: * Modified to allow no spaces between control file field name and valuejoey2000-09-21
| | | | (this appears to be logal).
* r368: * Fixed a stupid typo. Closes: #69750joey2000-08-22
* r367: * debian/package.filename.arch is now checked for first, beforejoey2000-08-21
| | | | | | | debian/package.filename. Closes: #69453 * Added a section to debhelper(1) about files in debian/ used by debhelper, which documents this. Removed scattered references to debian/filename from all over the man pages.
* r359: * I started work on debhelper v2 over a year ago, with a long list ofjoey2000-07-19
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | changes I hoped to get in that broke backwards compatability. That development stalled after only the most important change was made, although I did get out over 100 releases in the debhelper 2.0.x tree. In the meantime, lots of packages have switched to using v2, despite my warnings that doing so leaves packages open to being broken without notice until v2 is complete. * Therefore, I am calling v2 complete, as it is. Future non-compatabile changes will happen in v3, which will be started soon. This means that by using debhelper v2, one major thing changes: debhelper uses debian/<package> as the temporary directory for *all* packages; debian/tmp is no longer used to build binary packages out of. This is very useful for multi-binary packages, and I reccommend everyone switch to v2. * Updated example rules files to use v2 by default. * Updated all documentation to assume that v2 is being used. * Added a few notes for people still using v1. * Moved all of the README into debhelper(1).
* r343: * Detect changelog parse failures and use a better error message.joey2000-04-09
| | | | Closes: #62058
* r340: * Patch from Jorgen `forcer' Schaefer <forcer at> (muchjoey2000-03-03
modified)to make dh_installwm use new window manager registration method, update-alternatives. Closes: #52156, #34684 (latter bug is obsolete) * Fixed $dh{flavor} to be upper-case. * Deprecated dh_installemavcsen --number; use --priority instead. Also, the option parser requires the parameter be a number now. And, dh_installwm now accepts --priority, and window manager packages should start using it. * dh_installwm now behaves like a proper debhelper command, and reads debian/<package>.wm too. This is a small behavior change; filenames specified on the command line no longer apply to all packages it acts on. I can't belive this program existed for 2 years with such a glaring problem; I guess most people don't need ot register 5 wm's in 3 sub-packages. Anyway, it can handle such things now. :-) * Moved Dh_*.pm to /usr/lib/perl5/Debian/Debhelper. *big* change.