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* dh addon interfaceJoey Hess2008-05-04
* Fix underescaped $ in Makefile. Closes: #478475Joey Hess2008-04-29
* updateJoey Hess2008-04-23
* updatesJoey Hess2008-04-23
* fixesJoey Hess2008-04-23
* Add a Makefile and simplify this package's own rules file using all the new t...Joey Hess2008-04-23
* r261: * No user visible changes. Modified the package to interface better ...joey1999-08-28
* r249: dpkg-parsechangelog | grep '^ 'joey1999-08-17
* r248: Removed symlink files.joey1999-08-17
* r189: Initial revisionjoey1999-08-17