path: root/autoscripts/postinst-xfonts
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* r528: * Consistently use the which command instead of command -v or hardcodedjoey2002-05-26
* r507: * dh_installxfonts: separate multiple commands with \n so sed doesn'...joey2002-01-30
* r505: * Improved dh_installxfonts some more:joey2002-01-27
* r503: * dh_installman: more documentation about the .TH line. Closes: #129205joey2002-01-27
* r455: * Applied a patch from Anton Zinoviev <> to pass -ejoey2001-03-17
* r353: * Modified all postinst script fragments to only run when called withjoey2000-07-06
* r298: * Fixed some problems with dh_installxfonts font dirs.joey1999-10-28
* r294: * Fixed problem with dh_installemacsen options not working, patch fromjoey1999-10-24