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* r455: * Applied a patch from Anton Zinoviev <> to pass -ejoey2001-03-17
| | | | to mkfontdir. Closes: #89418
* r353: * Modified all postinst script fragments to only run when called withjoey2000-07-06
| | | | | | | | "configure". I looked at the other possibilities, and I don't think any of the supported stuff should be called if the postist is called for error unwinds. Closes: #66673 * Implemented dh_clean -X, to allow specification of files to not delete, Closes: #66670
* r298: * Fixed some problems with dh_installxfonts font dirs.joey1999-10-28
* r294: * Fixed problem with dh_installemacsen options not working, patch fromjoey1999-10-24
Rafael Laboissiere <>, Closes: #47738 * Added new dh_installxfonts script by Changwoo Ryu <>. Closes: #46684 I made some changes, though: - I rewrote lots of this script to be more my style of perl. - I removed all the verbisity from the postinst script fragment, since that is a clear violation of policy. - I made the postinst fail if the mkfontdir, etc commands fail, because this really makes more sense. Consider idempotency. - I moved the test to see if the font dir is really a directory into the dh_ script and out of the snippet. If the maintainer plays tricks on us, mkfontdir will blow up satisfactorally anyway. - So, the snippet is 9 lines long now, down from 20-some. - I realize this isn't following the reccommendations made in Brandon's font policy. I'll fight it out with him. :-) - In postrm fragment, used rmdir -p to remove as many parent directories as I can. - s:/usr/lib/X11/:/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/:g