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* * dh_icons: Now that GTK 2.12 has entered testing, use the much simpler toJoey Hess2007-11-02
| | | | call update-icon-caches command. Thanks, Josselin Mouette.
* r2013: * Remove DOS line endings from dh_icons scriptlets. Thanks, Daniel ↵joeyh2007-07-09
| | | | | | Holbach. Closes: #432321
* r2010: * dh_icons: New program to update Freedesktop icon caches. Thanksjoeyh2007-07-08
to Josselin Mouette, Ross Burton, Jordi Mallach, and Loïc Minier. Closes: #329460 * Note that as a transitional measure, dh_icons will currently only update existing caches, and not create and new caches. Once everything is updating the icon caches, this will be changed. See #329460 for the full plan.