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* Do not call update-mime and update-mime-database in maint. scripts as they ↵Charles Plessy2012-08-27
| | | | are triggered.
* r528: * Consistently use the which command instead of command -v or hardcodedjoey2002-05-26
| | | | | | paths in autoscripts. Neither is in posix, but which is in debianutils, so will always be available. command -v is not available in zsh. Closes: #148172
* r353: * Modified all postinst script fragments to only run when called withjoey2000-07-06
"configure". I looked at the other possibilities, and I don't think any of the supported stuff should be called if the postist is called for error unwinds. Closes: #66673 * Implemented dh_clean -X, to allow specification of files to not delete, Closes: #66670