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* conffile moving idiocyJoey Hess2009-03-02
| | | | | | | | | | | * dh_installmodules: Give files in /etc/modprobe.d a .conf syntax, as required by new module-init-tools. * dh_installmodules: Add preinst and postinst code to handle cleanly renaming the modprobe.d files on upgrade. * Two updates to conffile moving code from wiki: - Support case where the conffile name is a substring of another conffile's name. - Support case where dpkg-query says the file is obsolete.
* r2004: file. (Thanks Wakko)joeyh2007-05-31
| | | | | * Use dpkg-query to retrieve conffile info in udev rules upgrade code rather than parsing status directly. (Thanks Guillem)
* r1985: cleanupjoeyh2007-04-12
* r1984: * dh_installudev: Install udev rules directly into ↵joeyh2007-04-12
/etc/udev/rules.d/, not using the symlinks. MD has agreed that this is more appropriate for most packages. * That fixes the longstanding bug that the symlink was only made on brand new installs of the package, rather than on upgrade to the first version that includes the udev rules file. Closes: #359614 * dh_installudev: Add preinst and postinst code to handle cleanly moving the rules file to the new location on upgrade. * This would be a good time for the many packages that manage rules files w/o using dh_installudev to begin to use it..