path: root/autoscripts/prerm-init-norestart
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* dh_installinit: never call init scripts directly, only through invoke-rc.dSteve Langasek2011-01-25
* r1737: releasing version 4.2.30joey2005-01-05
* r1691: * dh_installinit: Added --error-handler option. Based on work by Tho...joey2004-06-29
* r547: * Use invoke-rc.d always now that it is in policy. Fall back to old ...joey2002-09-16
* r533: * In script fragments, use more posix tests, no -a or -o, no parens.joey2002-06-21
* r487: * dh_movefiles: Typo, Closes: #106532joey2001-08-23
* r451: * Fixed broken -e #SCRIPT# tests in init script start/stop/restart c...joey2001-03-13
* r450: * Modified to use dpkg-architecture instead of dpkg --print-architec...joey2001-03-05
* r417: * dh_installinit -r: stop init script in prerm on package removal,joey2001-02-05