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* urlsJoey Hess2014-08-29
* Pass --disable-silent-rules in dh_auto_configure if DH_VERBOSE is set.Joey Hess2014-06-13
* Minor typos. Closes: #741144, #744176Joey Hess2014-04-11
* Initial implementation of support for Build-Profiles fields. Thanks, Daniel S...Joey Hess2014-02-12
* dh_installinit: Fix a longstanding accidental behavior that caused a file nam...Joey Hess2013-08-11
* clarifyJoey Hess2013-05-12
* dh: As a workaround for anything not in debhelper that may rely on debhelper ...Joey Hess2013-05-09
* Improve -X documentation. Closes: #686696Joey Hess2012-09-04
* Fix “compatab*” vs. “compatib*” typos.Cyril Brulebois2012-04-01
* Fix a typo in debhelper.podAntonio Ospite2012-03-26
* releasing version 9.20120311Joey Hess2012-03-11
* remove noopt mentionJoey Hess2012-03-01
* move build depends section into compat sectionJoey Hess2012-01-15
* updateJoey Hess2012-01-15
* v9 doneJoey Hess2012-01-15
* Typo. Closes: #653006Joey Hess2011-12-22
* Only enable executable config files in v9. The quality of file permissions in...Joey Hess2011-12-09
* only v9Joey Hess2011-12-08
* executable config files. bleh, arghJoey Hess2011-12-07
* dh_strip: In v9, pass --compress-debug-sections to objcopy. Needs a new enoug...Joey Hess2011-11-07
* updateJoey Hess2011-09-30
* update v9 docsJoey Hess2011-09-29
* updateJoey Hess2011-09-26
* Mention in debhelper(7) that buildsystem options are typically passed to dh. ...Joey Hess2011-09-26
* wordingJoey Hess2011-09-08
* dpkg-buildflags is only used to set environment in v9Joey Hess2011-08-06
* doc tweak re target dependenciesJoey Hess2011-07-19
* reorg notes sectionJoey Hess2011-07-16
* dh: In v9, do not enable any python support commands.Joey Hess2011-07-16
* typoJoey Hess2011-07-09
* Typo fixes. Closes: #632662Joey Hess2011-07-04
* Correct docs about multiarch and v9. Closes: #630826Joey Hess2011-06-17
* Merge branch 'master' into smarter-targetsJoey Hess2011-06-14
| * dpkg-buildflags supportJoey Hess2011-06-14
* | Merge branch 'master' into smarter-targetsJoey Hess2011-06-14
| * dh_auto_configure: In v9, does not include the source package name in --libex...Joey Hess2011-06-14
* | make standard targets support a v9 featureJoey Hess2011-06-13
* reorder v9 section and add missing =backJoey Hess2011-04-05
* Depend on dpkg-dev (>= 1.16.0) for multiarch support.Joey Hess2011-03-12
* documentationJoey Hess2011-03-12
* typoJoey Hess2011-02-26
* Apply manual pages conventionsDavid Prévot2010-11-02
* Finalized v8 mode, which is the new recommended default.Joey Hess2010-08-07
* In v8 mode, prefer the perl_build buildsystem over perl_makemaker. Closes: #5...Joey Hess2010-05-28
* exampleJoey Hess2010-05-27
* consistently use v7 not V7 (etc)Joey Hess2010-05-27
* In v8 mode, dh expects the sequence to run is always its first parameter.Joey Hess2010-05-27
* In v8 mode, dh_makeshlibs will run dpkg-gensymbols on all shared libraries it...Joey Hess2010-05-23
* In v8 mode, do not allow directly passing unknown options to debhelper comman...Joey Hess2010-05-23
* update Package-Type docsJoey Hess2010-05-23