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* my last commit to debhelperHEADdebian/9.20141107masterJoey Hess2014-11-07
* prep releasedebian/9.20141022Joey Hess2014-10-22
* prep releasedebian/9.20141010Joey Hess2014-10-10
* fix up from git am of patch that was for some reason not based on current rel...Joey Hess2014-10-10
* Merge commit '4402e553df5279c2f65aee8623aca504988cc508'Joey Hess2014-10-10
| * use libdpkg-perl to parse and evaluate build profilesjosch2014-10-10
* | bump standards versiondebian/9.20141003Joey Hess2014-10-03
* | prep releaseJoey Hess2014-10-03
* | dh_clean: Skip over .git, .svn, .bzr, .hg, and CVS directories and avoid clea...Joey Hess2014-10-03
* | urlsJoey Hess2014-08-29
* prep releasedebian/9.20140817Joey Hess2014-08-17
* Updated German translation from Chris Leick. Closes: #735610Joey Hess2014-08-13
* add pt translation, currently it breaks the buildJoey Hess2014-08-13
* prep releaseJoey Hess2014-08-09
* dh_perl: Use vendorlib and vendorarch from Config instead of hardcoding their...Joey Hess2014-08-09
* Typo: Closes: #755237Joey Hess2014-07-19
* changelogJoey Hess2014-06-30
* prep releaseJoey Hess2014-06-13
* Pass --disable-silent-rules in dh_auto_configure if DH_VERBOSE is set.Joey Hess2014-06-13
* dh_installinit: Fix uninitialized value warning when --name is used.Joey Hess2014-05-24
* Minor typos. Closes: #741144, #744176Joey Hess2014-04-11
* Minor typo. Closes: #741144Joey Hess2014-03-10
* prep releasedebian/9.20140228Joey Hess2014-02-28
* Fix breakage in no-act mode introduced in last release.Joey Hess2014-02-28
* prep releaseJoey Hess2014-02-27
* dh_gencontrol: Revert change made in version 4.0.13 that avoided passing -p t...Joey Hess2014-02-20
* Initial implementation of support for Build-Profiles fields. Thanks, Daniel S...Joey Hess2014-02-12
* changelogJoey Hess2014-02-04
* dh: Reject unknown parameters that are not dashed command-line parameters int...Joey Hess2014-02-04
* dh_makeshlibs: Defer propigating dpkg-gensymbols error until all packages hav...Joey Hess2014-01-30
* dh_installdocs: When doc dirs are symlinked make the dependency versioned per...Joey Hess2014-01-25
* dh_compress: Avoid compressing .map files, which may be html usemaps. Closes:...Joey Hess2014-01-25
* prep releasedebian/9.20131227Joey Hess2013-12-27
* dh_shlibdeps: Use new dpkg-shlibdeps -l option instead of LD_LIBRARY_PATHGuillem Jover2013-12-27
* releasing package debhelper version 9.20131213debian/9.20131213Joey Hess2013-12-13
* dh_installdeb: add support for d-m-h commands symlink_to_dir, dir_to_symlinkAndreas Beckmann2013-12-13
* Revert "dh_installdeb: add support for d-m-h commands symlink_to_dir, dir_to_...Joey Hess2013-12-13
* dh_installdeb: add support for d-m-h commands symlink_to_dir, dir_to_symlinkAndreas Beckmann2013-12-09
* cmake: Configure with -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=None Closes: #701233Joey Hess2013-12-05
* prepJoey Hess2013-11-27
* dh_compress: Exclude several more compressed file formats. Closes: #730483Joey Hess2013-11-25
* releasing package debhelper version 9.20131110Joey Hess2013-11-10
* dh_installinit: Revert changes that added versioned dependency on sysv-rc to ...Joey Hess2013-11-10
* releasing package debhelper version 9.20131105debian/9.20131105Joey Hess2013-11-05
* Fix (horrible) make output parsing code to work with make 4.0. Closes: #72880...Joey Hess2013-11-05
* prep releaseJoey Hess2013-11-04
* Close the bug (#728620) fixed by previous commit.Modestas Vainius2013-11-03
* Update dh_installemacsen for emacsen-common 2.0.Modestas Vainius2013-11-03
* team list being createdJoey Hess2013-11-03
* dh_installchangelogs: Avoid installing binNMU changelog file in --no-act mode...Joey Hess2013-10-20