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* releasing version 9.20130624Joey Hess2013-06-24
* makefile buildsystem: Added heuristic to catch false positive in makefile tar...Joey Hess2013-06-24
* dh_installinit: Use absolute path for systemd tempfiles, for compatability wi...Joey Hess2013-06-18
* releasing version 9.20130605Joey Hess2013-06-05
* dh_installchangelogs: Fix bug preventing automatic installation of upstream c...Joey Hess2013-06-05
* releasing version 9.20130604Joey Hess2013-06-04
* updateJoey Hess2013-06-04
* Correct broken patch for #706923. Closes: #707481Joey Hess2013-06-04
* dh_installchangelogs: No longer automatically converts html changelogs. A pla...Joey Hess2013-05-25
* Allow building debhelper with USE_NLS=no to not require po4a to build. Closes...Joey Hess2013-05-24
* releasing version 9.20130518Joey Hess2013-05-18
* dh_installchangelogs: Write the changelog entry used for a binNMU, as flagged...Joey Hess2013-05-18
* dh_installinit: Add versioned dependency on sysv-rc when shipping upstart job...Joey Hess2013-05-18
* releasing version 9.20130516Joey Hess2013-05-16
* Revert unsetting INSTALL_BASE. Closes: #708452 Reopens: #705141Joey Hess2013-05-16
* dh_auto_install: Create package build directory for those packages whose make...Joey Hess2013-05-09
* dh: As a workaround for anything not in debhelper that may rely on debhelper ...Joey Hess2013-05-09
* dh_compress, dh_perl: Avoid failing if the package build directory does not e...Joey Hess2013-05-09
* dh_installinfo: Stop inserting dependencies for partial upgrades from lenny t...Joey Hess2013-05-08
* dh_installinit: Remove obsolete systemd-tempfiles hack in postinst autoscript...Joey Hess2013-05-07
* releasing version 9.20130507Joey Hess2013-05-07
* Revert python2.X-minimal fix, because it was buggy. Closes: #707111 (Reopens ...Joey Hess2013-05-07
* makefile buildsystem: Pass any parameters specified after -- when running mak...Joey Hess2013-05-06
* updateJoey Hess2013-05-06
* dh_installdeb: Drop pre-dependency on dpkg for dpkg-maintscript-helper. Close...Joey Hess2013-05-05
* dh: Skips running commands that it can tell do nothing.Joey Hess2013-05-05
* perl_makemaker: Unset INSTALL_BASE in case the user has it set. Closes: #705141Joey Hess2013-05-05
* releasing version 9.20130504Joey Hess2013-05-04
* Updated German man page translation. Closes: #691557, #706314Joey Hess2013-04-28
* dh_testdir: Fix error message. Closes: #703515Joey Hess2013-03-20
* dh_auto_test: Avoid doing anything when cross-compiling. Closes: #703262Joey Hess2013-03-17
* cmake: Configure with -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=RelWithDebInfo Closes: #701233Joey Hess2013-02-24
* Avoid find -perm +mode breakage caused by findutils 4.5.11, by instead using ...Joey Hess2013-02-09
* dh_icons: Reword description. Closes: #693100Joey Hess2012-12-06
* closeJoey Hess2012-11-03
* Updated French man page translationDavid Prévot2012-11-03
* dh_installinit: Support systemd. Closes: #690399 Thanks, Michael StapelbergJoey Hess2012-10-28
* Revert "Support systemd in dh_installinit and postinst/postrm"Joey Hess2012-10-28
* Updated German man page translation. Closes: #691557Joey Hess2012-10-27
* dh_installdeb: Avoid unnecessary is_udeb tests. Closes: #691398Joey Hess2012-10-25
* adjust other fixJoey Hess2012-10-22
* dh_installinit: Support systemd. Closes: #690399 Thanks, Michael StapelbergJoey Hess2012-10-15
* dh_installdocs: Support having the same document id in different binary packa...Joey Hess2012-09-17
* Bug#525821: [PATCH] support having the same document id in different packages...Don Armstrong2012-09-17
* Merge branch 'wheezy'Joey Hess2012-09-10
| * releasing version 9.20120909Joey Hess2012-09-10
| * Update French translationDavid Prévot2012-09-10
| * Updated German man page translation. Closes: #685538Joey Hess2012-09-10
| * Updated Spanish man page translation. Closes: #686291Joey Hess2012-09-10
* | Merge branch 'wheezy'Joey Hess2012-09-09