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* --without foo,bar now supportedJoey Hess2012-01-15
* spelingJoey Hess2012-01-15
* dh: Ensure -a and -i are passed when running override_dh_command-arch and ove...Joey Hess2011-11-16
* dh: Add dh_auto_configure parameter example. Closes: #645335Joey Hess2011-10-14
* dh: Avoid compat deprecation warning before option parsing. Closes: #641361Joey Hess2011-09-12
* dh: Avoid running install sequence a third time in v9 when the rules file has...Joey Hess2011-09-11
* reorderJoey Hess2011-09-11
* -arch and -indep overridesJoey Hess2011-09-11
* simplifyJoey Hess2011-09-11
* refactorJoey Hess2011-09-10
* remove quilt exampleJoey Hess2011-09-08
* reorg man page to list deprecated options in a final sectionJoey Hess2011-09-08
* adh: Don't bother running dh_shlibdebs, dh_makeshelibs, or dh_strip for the b...Joey Hess2011-08-29
* dpkg-buildflags is only used to set environment in v9Joey Hess2011-08-06
* dh: The --before --after --until and --remaining options are deprecated. Use ...Joey Hess2011-08-05
* doc tweak re target dependenciesJoey Hess2011-07-19
* dh: Remove obsolete optimisation hack that caused sequence breakage in v9 wit...Joey Hess2011-07-19
* Support make 3.82. Closes: #634385Joey Hess2011-07-18
* avoid undef when dh is run w/o a sequenceJoey Hess2011-07-16
* dh: In v9, do not enable any python support commands.Joey Hess2011-07-16
* Typo fixes. Closes: #632662Joey Hess2011-07-04
* Revert "Always respect DEB_${flag}_{APPEND,SET} envvars."Joey Hess2011-06-20
* Always respect DEB_${flag}_{APPEND,SET} envvars.Modestas Vainius2011-06-19
* Merge branch 'master' into smarter-targetsJoey Hess2011-06-14
| * dpkg-buildflags supportJoey Hess2011-06-14
* | dh: rules function joins array argumentRoger Leigh2011-06-14
* | remove internal rules:target stuffJoey Hess2011-06-14
* | avoid infinite recursionJoey Hess2011-06-14
* | honor empty targetsJoey Hess2011-06-13
* | make standard targets support a v9 featureJoey Hess2011-06-13
* | inline sequences to optimize away recursive calls to make/dh for implicit tar...Joey Hess2011-06-13
* | improve sequence logicJoey Hess2011-06-13
* | doc updates for recent changesJoey Hess2011-06-13
* | move dh_auto_configure out of @bd_minimalJoey Hess2011-06-13
* | remove calls to build-arch, install-arch, etcJoey Hess2011-06-13
* | minor cleanups, no substantial code changesJoey Hess2011-06-13
* | dh: Use minimal sequences if delegating workRoger Leigh2011-06-13
* | dh: Add sequence dependency supportRoger Leigh2011-06-13
* Fix example. Closes: #627534Joey Hess2011-05-21
* update for dh_ucfJoey Hess2011-04-25
* dh_installgsettings: New command to handle gsettings schema files. Closes: #6...Joey Hess2011-04-01
* Fix logging at end of an override target that never actually runs the overrid...Joey Hess2011-02-14
* Improve handling of logging in override targetsJoey Hess2011-02-10
* Revert "dh: Add sequence dependencies and satisfy dependencies prior to runni...Joey Hess2010-12-07
* dh: Add sequence dependencies and satisfy dependencies prior to running sequenceRoger Leigh2010-12-05
* dh: Use "architecture independent" rather than "binary independent" for consi...Roger Leigh2010-12-05
* dh: Add support for build-arch, build-indep, install-arch and install-indep s...Roger Leigh2010-11-22
* dh: Use $(filter) rather than $(findstring)Roger Leigh2010-11-22
* dh: Inhibit logging for commands run inside override targetsJoey Hess2010-11-02
* Apply manual pages conventionsDavid Prévot2010-11-02