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* dh_desktop: Now a deprecated no-op, since desktop-file-utils uses triggers. C...Joey Hess2009-04-10
* dh_desktop: Avoid using find -execdir as it will fail with certian badly conf...Joey Hess2009-03-31
* r2025: * dh_desktop: Only generate calls to update-desktop-database for desktopjoeyh2007-09-13
* r2009: fix synopsesjoeyh2007-07-08
* r1763: releasing version 4.9.0joey2005-06-13
* r1758: releasing version 4.2.36joey2005-05-08
* r1730: releasing version 4.2.27joey2004-12-09
* r1721: releasing version 4.2.23joey2004-10-29
* r1719: releasing version 4.2.22joey2004-10-28
* r1717: releasing version 4.2.21joey2004-10-12