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* dh: Skips running commands that it can tell do nothing.Joey Hess2013-05-05
* Apply manual pages conventionsDavid Prévot2010-11-02
* update docsJoey Hess2010-04-10
* Remove autoscripts for GConfJosselin Mouette2010-04-10
* Add FILES sections to man pages. Closes: #545041Joey Hess2009-09-04
* dh_gconf: Add missed half of postrm fragment removal. Closes: #531035Joey Hess2009-06-11
* dh_gconf: Remove postrm fragment that handled schema migration from /etc to /...Joey Hess2009-05-29
* dh_gconf: Support mandatory settings. Closes: #513923Joey Hess2009-02-02
* Fix pod.Florian Ragwitz2008-04-24
* r2009: fix synopsesjoeyh2007-07-08
* r1846: reove some stuff that does not belong on a debhelper man pagejoeyh2006-01-08
* r1844: merge python and gconf changes from python-supportjoeyh2006-01-08
* r1786: releasing version 4.9.9joey2005-09-22
* r1753: * The infinite number of monkeys release.joey2005-04-22
* r1711: releasing version 4.2.18joey2004-08-13
* r1706: * dh_gconf: fix glob escaping in find for schemas. Closes: #260488joey2004-07-20
* r1703: * dh_cgonf: deal with problems if /etc/gconf/schemas doesn't exist ...joey2004-07-12
* r1695: * dh_gconf: gconf schemas moved to /usr/share/gconf/schemas. Relocatejoey2004-07-08
* r1644: * dh_gconf: Add proper parens around the package version in the mis...joey2004-01-16
* r1641: * dh_gconf: Fix man page typos, thanks Ruben Porras. Closes: #228076joey2004-01-16
* r1635: * Added dh_gconf command from Ross Burton. Closes: #180882joey2004-01-13