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* dh: Skips running commands that it can tell do nothing.Joey Hess2013-05-05
* dh_icons: Reword description. Closes: #693100Joey Hess2012-12-06
* dh_icons: Improve documentation. Closes: #684895Joey Hess2012-08-27
* Apply manual pages conventionsDavid Prévot2010-11-02
* dh_icons: ignore gnome and hicolor themes (will be handled by triggers). Clos...Joey Hess2009-03-26
* Fix pod.Florian Ragwitz2008-04-24
* dh_icons: Support .xpm format icons. Stop looking for .jpg icons, and also, f...Joey Hess2008-04-19
* * dh_icons: Now that GTK 2.12 has entered testing, use the much simpler toJoey Hess2007-11-02
* r2010: * dh_icons: New program to update Freedesktop icon caches. Thanksjoeyh2007-07-08