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* r563: * dh_install: Support autodest with non-debian/tmp sourcedirs.joey2002-11-15
| | | | | | | | Closes: #169138 * dh_install: Support implicit "." sourcedir and --list-missing. (Also supports ./foo file specs and --list-missing.) Closes: #168751 * dh_md5sums: Don't glob. Closes: #169135
* r562: * Make dh_install --list-missing honor -X excludes. Closes: #168739joey2002-11-14
| | | | | | | * As a special case, if --sourcedir is not set (so is "."), make --list-missing look only at what is in debian/tmp. This is gross, but people have come to depend on that behavior, and that combination has no other sane meaning. Closes: #168751
* r561: * typo in dh_shlibdeps(1), Closes: #167421joey2002-11-12
| | | | * dh_movefiles: make --list-missing respect --sourcedir. Closes: #168441
* r560: * typo in dh_shlibdeps(1), Closes: #167421joey2002-11-11
| | | | * dh_movefiles: make --list-missing respect --sourcedir. Closes: #168441
* r559: * Added note to dh_installdebconf(1) about postinst sourcing debconfjoey2002-10-28
| | | | | confmodule. (Cf #106070) * Added an example to dh_install(1). Closes: #166402
* r557: * dh_installinit: added --no-start for rcS type scripts. Closes: ↵joey2002-10-11
| | | | #136502
* r541: * Typo, Closes: #155323joey2002-08-03
* r538: * Make dh_installchangelogs install debian/NEWS files as well, asjoey2002-07-19
| | | | | | | | NEWS.Debian. Make dh_compress always compress them. The idea is to make these files be in a machine parsable form, like the debian changelog, but only put newsworthy info into them. Automated tools can then display new news on upgrade. It is hoped that if this catches on it will reduce the abuse of debconf notes. See discussion on debian-devel for details.
* r537: * In dh_install, don't limit to -type f when doing the find due to -X.joey2002-07-06
| | | | This makes it properly install syml8inks, cf my rpm bug.
* r527: * dh_install: glob relative to --sourcedir. Closes: #147908joey2002-05-24
| | | | * Documented what globbing is allowed.
* r522: * Set DH_ALWAYS_EXCLUDE=CVS and debhelper will exclude CVS directoriesjoey2002-05-19
| | | | | | | | | | | from processing by any command that takes a -X option, and dh_builddeb will also go in and rm -rf any that still sneak into the build tree. * dh_install: A patch from Eric Dorland <> adds support for --sourcedir, which allows debian/package.files files to be moved over to debian/package.install, and just work. Closes: #146847 * dh_movefiles: don't do file tests in no-act mode. Closes: #144573 * dh_installdebconf: pass --drop-old-templates to debconf-mergetemplate. Means debhelper has to depend on debconf-utils 1.1.1.
* r520: * dh_install: delay globbing until after destintations have been found.joey2002-04-17
| | | | Closes: #143234
* r518: * dh_movefiles has long been a sore point in debhelper. Inheritedjoey2002-04-12
from debstd, its interface and implementation suck, and I have maintained it while never really deigning to use it. Now there is a remplacment: dh_install, which ... - copies files, doesn't move them. Closes: #75360, #82649 - doesn't have that whole annoying debian/package.files vs. debian/files mess, as it uses debian/install. - supports copying empty subdirs. Closes: #133037 - doesn't use tar, thus no error reproting problems. Closes: #112538 - files are listed relative to the pwd, debian/tmp need not be used at all, so no globbing issues. Closes: #100404 - supports -X. Closes: #116902 - the whole concept of moving files out of a directory is gone, so this bug doesn't really apply. Closes: #120026 - This is exactly what Bill Allombert asked for in #117383, even though I designed it seemingly independantly. Thank you Bill! Closes: #117383 * Made debhelper's debian/rules a lot simpler by means of the above. * Updated example rules file to use dh_install. Also some reordering and other minor changes. * dh_movefiles is lightly deprecated, and when you run into its bugs and bad design, you are incouraged to just use dh_install instead. * dh_fixperms: in v4 only, make all files in bin/ dirs +x. Closes: #119039 * dh_fixperms: in v4 only, make all files in etc/init.d executable (of course there's -X ..) * dh_link: in v4 only, finds existing, non-policy-conformant symlinks and corrects them. This has the side effect of making dh_link idempotent. * Added a -h/--help option. This seems very obvious, but it never occured to me before.. * use v4 for building debhelper itself * v4 mode is done, you may now use it without fear of it changing. (This idea of this upload is to get v4 into woody so people won't run into many issues backporting from sarge to woody later on. Packages targeted for woody should continue to use whatever compatability level they are using.)