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* Apply manual pages conventionsDavid Prévot2010-11-02
* typoJoey Hess2010-11-02
* maintscript filesJoey Hess2010-11-02
* consistently use v7 not V7 (etc)Joey Hess2010-05-27
* Add FILES sections to man pages. Closes: #545041Joey Hess2009-09-04
* dh_installdeb: In udeb mode, support the menutest and isinstallable maintaine...Joey Hess2009-08-05
* r2041: * dh_installdeb: Add support for dpkg triggers, by installingjoeyh2007-10-22
* r1793: releasing version 4.9.12joey2005-10-02
* r1743: releasing version 4.2.32joey2005-03-27
* r1655: * Added udeb support, as pioneered by di-packages-build. Understandsjoey2004-02-09
* r1590: * Converted several chown 0.0 to chown 0:0 for POSIX 200112.joey2003-08-18
* r595: * dh_clean: Clean the *.debhelper temp files on a per-package basis, injoey2003-07-07
* r576: * Rename debhelper.1 to debhelper.7.joey2003-03-03
* r564: * Still run potodebconf after warning about templates.ll files.joey2002-11-15
* r506: * Introduced the debian/compat file. This is the new, preferred way ...joey2002-01-27
* r496: * Man page cleanups, Closes: #119335joey2001-11-18
* r495: * dh_undocumented: check for existing uncompressed man pages. Closes...joey2001-11-17
* r428: the never ending podizationjoey2001-02-09
* r420: big monsta changesjoey2001-02-09
* r393: * DH_COMPAT=3 now enables the following new features which I can't justjoey2000-11-27
* r392: * DH_COMPAT=3 now enables the following new features which I can't justjoey2000-11-27
* r360: * Never refer to root, always uid/gid "0". Closes: #67508joey2000-07-21
* r338: * Patch from Jorgen `forcer' Schaefer <forcer at> (muchjoey2000-03-02
* r284: * Enhanced debconf support -- the database is now cleaned up on packagejoey1999-09-29
* r279: * dh_shlibdeps: detect statically linked binaries and don't pass the...joey1999-09-17
* r11: Initial revisionjoey1999-08-17