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* r446: spelling patchjoey2001-02-15
* r430: the great pod juggernaught rolls on through the nightjoey2001-02-09
* r420: big monsta changesjoey2001-02-09
* r397: horribly broke everything I touched :-)joey2000-11-28
* r394: * Reverted the change to make debian/README be treated as README.Deb...joey2000-11-27
* r392: * DH_COMPAT=3 now enables the following new features which I can't justjoey2000-11-27
* r378: * dh_movefiles: fixed a regexp quoting problem with --sourcedir.joey2000-10-23
* r360: * Never refer to root, always uid/gid "0". Closes: #67508joey2000-07-21
* r338: * Patch from Jorgen `forcer' Schaefer <forcer at> (muchjoey2000-03-02
* r333: um.joey2000-01-17
* r302: * dh_shlibdeps: added -l option, which lets you specify a path thatjoey1999-11-04
* r291: * dh_installdocs: if $TMP/usr/share/doc/$PACKAGE is a broken symlink,joey1999-10-04
* r281: * dh_installdocs: create the compatability symlink before callingjoey1999-09-20
* r266: * FHS complience. Patch from Johnie Ingram <>.joey1999-09-06
* r253: Fixed bug.joey1999-08-18
* r1: Initial revisionjoey1999-08-17