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* dh_installinit: Fix uninitialized value warning when --name is used.Joey Hess2014-05-24
* dh_installinit: Revert changes that added versioned dependency on sysv-rc to ↵Joey Hess2013-11-10
| | | | support upstart, which later grew to a versioned dependency on sysv-rc | file-rc, and which seems to want to continue growing to list other init systems, which there currently seem to be far too many of, for far too little benefit. The sysv-rc dependency is already met in stable. The file-rc dependency is not, so if someone cares about that, they need to find a properly designed solution, which this was not. Closes: #729248
* dh_installinit: Fix a longstanding accidental behavior that caused a file ↵Joey Hess2013-08-11
| | | | named debian/package to be installed as the init script. Only fixed in v10 since packages might depend on this behavior. Closes: #719359
* dh_installinit: use absolute path to tmpfilesMichael Stapelberg2013-06-18
| | | | | | | | While newer systemd versions don’t need the absolute path, this breaks with older systemd versions, notably v44, which we currently have in wheezy. Using the absolute paths has no drawbacks and works with both versions.
* updateJoey Hess2013-06-04
* Bug#709482: dh_installinit: permit file-rc for upstart jobsColin Watson2013-06-04
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Package: debhelper Version: 9.20130518 Severity: normal Tags: patch User: Usertags: origin-ubuntu ubuntu-patch saucy Control: block -1 by 709481 Hi, Thorsten Glaser pointed out to me this morning that forwarding Ubuntu's backlog of Upstart jobs to Debian will cause a bunch of packages to be incompatible with file-rc. Now, I don't know how long file-rc is sticking around, but it doesn't seem right for Upstart jobs to be the thing that force it out, so I think we should fix this. I sent a patch to the file-rc maintainers as #709481 which brings their invoke-rc.d up to date with the upstart support in sysv-rc. Once that's applied, I think the following patch should be applied to debhelper, although you'll need to adjust it to match whatever version they choose.
* Packages with upstart jobs should carry a versioned dependency on sysv-rcSteve Langasek2013-05-18
| | | | | | Depend on the version of invoke-rc.d that supports upstart jobs directly, without which invoke-rc.d will incorrectly use the sysvinit script instead of the upstart job when starting the service.
* missed default pkgfileJoey Hess2013-05-05
* dh: Skips running commands that it can tell do nothing.Joey Hess2013-05-05
| | | | | | | | | This is determined by the presence of special PROMISE directives within commands that provide a high-level description of the command. Note that when dh is passed additional debhelper options, it cannot tell if these change the behavior of commands, and so it stops skipping any commands.
* dh_installinit: call systemd-tmpfiles with the config file namesMichael Stapelberg2013-05-04
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | This makes the invocation more specific and thus less likely to have any unwanted side effects. The invocation before was: systemd-tmpfiles --create >/dev/null || true With this commit, it becomes: systemd-tmpfiles --create bacula.conf >/dev/null || true (for bacula-fd shipping /etc/tmpfiles.d/bacula.conf)
* dh_installinit: only add systemd-tmpfiles --create when shipping tmpfilesMichael Stapelberg2012-10-29
* simplifyJoey Hess2012-10-28
* dh_installinit: Support systemd. Closes: #690399 Thanks, Michael StapelbergJoey Hess2012-10-28
| | | | | | | (cherry picked from commit 3eda9d1c88f6b9888c6255f2defdac30310af144) Conflicts: debian/changelog
* Support systemd in dh_installinit and postinst/postrmMichael Stapelberg2012-10-28
* Revert "Support systemd in dh_installinit and postinst/postrm"Joey Hess2012-10-28
| | | | | | This reverts commit a0a7bb3433cba64677cf25c469d626552da9f356. New patch sent.
* dh_installinit: Support systemd. Closes: #690399 Thanks, Michael StapelbergJoey Hess2012-10-15
* Support systemd in dh_installinit and postinst/postrmMichael Stapelberg2012-10-15
* reorderJoey Hess2012-04-10
* dh_installinit: rework upstart handling to comply with new policy proposal; ↵Joey Hess2012-04-10
| | | | packages will ship both an init script and an upstart job, instead of just an upstart job and a symlink to a compat wrapper. Closes: #577040
* Typo fixes. Closes: #651224 Thanks, Chris LeickJoey Hess2011-12-06
* remove -OJoey Hess2011-10-17
* Apply manual pages conventionsDavid Prévot2010-11-02
| | | | | | | | | As advised in man(1), always use: B<bold text> type exactly as shown. I<italic text> replace with appropriate argument. s/debian/Debian/ if needed. s/ / / also. s/perl/Perl/ s/python/Python/ and s/emacs/Emacs/ too.
* dh_installinit: Fix installation of defaults file when an upstart job is ↵Joey Hess2009-11-30
| | | | installed. Closes: #558782
* Add FILES sections to man pages. Closes: #545041Joey Hess2009-09-04
* formattingJoey Hess2009-09-02
* formattingJoey Hess2009-09-02
* upstart supportSteve Langasek2009-09-02
| | | | | | Patch dh_installinit to handle upstart job files in preference over init scripts, and provide compatibility symlinks in /etc/init.d for sysv-rc implementations. Closes: #536035.
* Move many command-specific options to only be accepted by the command that ↵Joey Hess2008-10-21
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | uses them. Affected options are: -x, -r, -R, -l, -L, -m, --include-conffiles, --no-restart-on-upgrade, --no-start, --restart-after-upgrade, --init-script, --filename, --flavor, --autodest, --libpackage, --add-udeb, --dpkg-shlibdeps-params, --dpkg-gencontrol-params, --update-rcd-params, --major, --remove-d, --dirs-only, --keep-debug, --version-info, --list-missing, --fail-missing, --language, --until, --after, --before, --remaining, --with * If any third-party debhelper commands use any of the above options, they will be broken, and need to be changed to pass options to init(). * To avoid breaking rules files that pass options to commands that do not use them, debhelper will now only warn if it encounters an unknown option. This will be converted back to an error later.
* dh_installinit: Add --restart-after-upgrade, which avoids stopping a daemon ↵Joey Hess2008-05-08
| | | | in the prerm, and instead restarts it in the postinst, keeping its downtime minimal. Since some daemons could break if files are upgraded while they're running, it's not the default. It might become the default in a future (v8) compatability level. Closes: #471060
* dh_prep: New program, does the same as dh_clean -k (which will be deprecated ↵Joey Hess2008-04-23
| | | | later).
* r1853: * Fix dangling markup in dh_installinit pod. Closes: #348073joeyh2006-01-15
| | | | * Updated French translation from Valéry Perrin. Closes: #348074
* r1849: * dh_installinit: If run with -o, do the inverse of -n and onlyjoeyh2006-01-08
| | | | | | | | | set up maintainer script snippets, w/o installing any files. Useful for those edge cases where the init script is provided by upstream and not easily installed by dh_installinit but where it's worth letting it manage the maintainer scripts anyway. Closes: #140881, #184980 * -o might be added for other similar commands later if there is any reason to. And yeah, it means that -no is close to a no-op..
* r1691: * dh_installinit: Added --error-handler option. Based on work by ↵joey2004-06-29
| | | | | | Thom May. Closes: #209090
* r1603: * Typo. Closes: #207999joey2003-09-01
| | | | * Typo, typo. Closes: #208171 :-)
* r1598: * dh_installppp: correct filenames on man page. Closes: #206893joey2003-08-23
| | | | * dh_installinit: man page typo fix and enhancement. Closes: #206891
* r1596: * Remove duplicate packages from DOPACKAGES after argument processing.joey2003-08-22
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | Closes: #112950 * dh_compress: deal with links pointing to links pointing to compressed files, no matter what order find returns them. Closes: #204169 * dh_installmodules, dh_installpam, dh_installcron, dh_installinit, dh_installogrotate: add --name= option, that can be used to specify the name to use for the file(s) installed by these commands. For example, dh_installcron --name=foo will install debian/ to etc/cron.daily/foo. Closes: #138202, #101003, #68545, #148844 (Thanks to Thomas Hood for connecting these bug reports.) * dh_installinit: deprecated --init-script option in favor of the above. * Add dh_installppp. Closes: #43403
* r576: * Rename debhelper.1 to debhelper.7.joey2003-03-03
| | | | * Typo, Closes: #183267
* r575: * Removed vegistal substvars stuff from dh_inistallinit.joey2003-02-25
| | | | * Update debhelper(1).
* r558: * Use dpkg-architecture instead of dpkg --print-architecture (again?)joey2002-10-17
| | | | | | See #164863 * typo fix Closes: #164958 The rest seems clear enough from context, so omitted.
* r557: * dh_installinit: added --no-start for rcS type scripts. Closes: ↵joey2002-10-11
| | | | #136502
* r547: * Use invoke-rc.d always now that it is in policy. Fall back to old ↵joey2002-09-16
| | | | | | | behavior if invoke-rc.d is not present, so versioned deps on sysvinit are not needed.
* r542: * dh_installinit: Always start daemon on upgraded even ifjoey2002-08-04
| | | | | | | | --no-restart-on-upgrade is given; since the daemon is not stopped with that parameter starting it again is a no-op, unless the daemon was not running for some reason. This makes transtions to using the flag easier. Closes: #90976 and sorry it took me so long to verify you were right.
* r506: * Introduced the debian/compat file. This is the new, preferred way ↵joey2002-01-27
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | to say what debhelper compatability level your package uses. It has the big advantage of being available to debhelper when you run it at the command line, as well as in debian/rules. * A new v4 feature: dh_installinit, in v4 mode, will use invoke-rc.d. This is in v4 for testing, but I may well roll it back into v3 (and earlier) once woody is released and I don't have to worry about breaking things (and, presumably, once invoke-rc.d enters policy). * Some debhelper commands will now build up a new substvars variable, ${misc:Depends}, based on things they know your package needs to depend on. For example, dh_installinit in v4 mode adds sysvinit (>= 2.80-1) to that dep list, and dh_installxfonts adds a dep on xutils. This variable should make it easier to keep track of what your package needs to depends on, supplimenting the ${shlibs:Depends} and ${perl:Depends} substvars. Hmm, this appears to be based loosely on an idea by Masato Taruishi <>, filtered through a long period of mulling it over. Closes: #76352 * Use the addsubstvar function I wrote for the above in dh_perl too.
* r496: * Man page cleanups, Closes: #119335joey2001-11-18
* r446: spelling patchjoey2001-02-15
* r441: * Added dh_installman, a new program that replaces dh_installmanpages.joey2001-02-10
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | It is not DWIM. You tell it what to install and it figures out where based on .TH section field and filename extention. I reccommend everyone begin using it, since this is much better then dh_installmanpages's evilness. I've been meaning to do this for a very long time.. Closes: #38673, #53964, #64297, #16933, #17061, #54059, #54373, #61816 * dh_installmanpages remains in the package for backwards compatability, but is mildly deprecated. * dh_testversion is deprecated; use build dependancies instead. * dh_suidregister: re-enabled. Aj thinks that requiring people to stop using it is unacceptable. Who am I to disagree with a rc bug report? Closes: #84910 It is still deprecated, and it will still whine at you if you use it. I appreciate the job everyone has been doing at switching to statoverrides.. * Since dh_debstd requires dh_installmanpages (where do you think the latter's evil interface came from?), I have removed it. It was a nice thought-toy, but nobody really used it, right? * Since the from-debstd document walks the maintainer through running dh_debstd to get a list of debhelper commands, and since that document has really outlives its usefullness, I removed it too. Use dh-make instead. * dh_installman installs only into /usr/share/man, not the X11R6 directory. Policy says "files must not be installed into `/usr/X11R6/bin/', `/usr/X11R6/lib/', or `/usr/X11R6/man/' unless this is necessary for the package to operate properly", and I really doubt a man page being in /usr/share/man is going to break many programs. Closes: #81853 (I hope the bug submitter doesn't care that dh_installmanpages still puts stuff in the X11R6/man directory.) * dh_undocumented now the same too now. * dh_installinit: installs debian/package.default files as /etc/default/ files. * Updated to current perl coding standards (use strict, lower-case variable names, pod man pages). * Since with the fixing of the man page installer issue, my checklist for debhelper v3 is complete, I pronounce debhelper v3 done! Revved the version number appropriatly (a large jump; v3 changes less than I had planned). Note that I have no plans for a v4 at this time. :-) * Testing: I have used this new version of debhelper to build a large number of my own packages, and it seems to work. But this release touches every file in this package, so be careful out there..
* r431: pod over for the nightjoey2001-02-09
* r420: big monsta changesjoey2001-02-09
* r417: * dh_installinit -r: stop init script in prerm on package removal,joey2001-02-05
| | | | Closes: #84974
* r338: * Patch from Jorgen `forcer' Schaefer <forcer at> (muchjoey2000-03-02
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | modified)to make dh_installwm use new window manager registration method, update-alternatives. Closes: #52156, #34684 (latter bug is obsolete) * Fixed $dh{flavor} to be upper-case. * Deprecated dh_installemavcsen --number; use --priority instead. Also, the option parser requires the parameter be a number now. And, dh_installwm now accepts --priority, and window manager packages should start using it. * dh_installwm now behaves like a proper debhelper command, and reads debian/<package>.wm too. This is a small behavior change; filenames specified on the command line no longer apply to all packages it acts on. I can't belive this program existed for 2 years with such a glaring problem; I guess most people don't need ot register 5 wm's in 3 sub-packages. Anyway, it can handle such things now. :-) * Moved Dh_*.pm to /usr/lib/perl5/Debian/Debhelper. *big* change.