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* r556: * Depend on po-debconf, and I hope I can drop the debconf-utils dep ...joey2002-10-07
* r535: updatesjoey2002-06-24
* r519: * dh_installdebconf: allow parameters after -- to go tojoey2002-04-14
* r511: * dh_movefiles: Allow for deeper --sourcedir. Closes: #131363joey2002-02-22
* r508: * Typo, Closes: #132454joey2002-02-06
* r503: * dh_installman: more documentation about the .TH line. Closes: #129205joey2002-01-27
* r498: * Typo, Closes: #122679joey2001-12-21
* r497: this and thatjoey2001-12-11
* r496: * Man page cleanups, Closes: #119335joey2001-11-18
* r495: * dh_undocumented: check for existing uncompressed man pages. Closes...joey2001-11-17
* r493: * dh_installman: documented translated man page support, and made it...joey2001-10-09
* r463: * dh_perl: updates from bod:joey2001-04-25
* r459: use predefined character classes for readabilityjoey2001-04-04
* r447: * Corrected some uninitialized value stuff in dh_suidregister (actuallyjoey2001-02-17
* r446: spelling patchjoey2001-02-15
* r432: more podization, will it ever end?joey2001-02-09
* r420: big monsta changesjoey2001-02-09