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* Apply manual pages conventionsDavid Prévot2010-11-02
* dh_scrollkeeper: Now a deprecated no-op. Closes: #530806Joey Hess2009-05-27
* dh_prep: New program, does the same as dh_clean -k (which will be deprecated ...Joey Hess2008-04-23
* r1968: * dh_fixperms: Make all files in /usr/include 644, not only .h files.joeyh2007-01-21
* r1754: * Man page typo fixes. Closes: #305809, #305804, #305815, #305810joey2005-04-22
* r1695: * dh_gconf: gconf schemas moved to /usr/share/gconf/schemas. Relocatejoey2004-07-08
* r1658: * dh_installxfonts(1): fix link to policy. Closes: #231918joey2004-02-09
* r596: * dh_scrollkeeper: fixed some overenthusiastic quoting. Closes: #201810joey2003-07-18
* r589: * Added dh_scrollkeeper, by Ross Burton.joey2003-06-12