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* r576: * Rename debhelper.1 to debhelper.7.joey2003-03-03
| | | | * Typo, Closes: #183267
* r534: * Stupid, evil typo.joey2002-06-21
| | | | * Fixed the tests clint didn't show me.
* r496: * Man page cleanups, Closes: #119335joey2001-11-18
* r447: * Corrected some uninitialized value stuff in dh_suidregister (actuallyjoey2001-02-17
| | | | | | quite a bad bug). * dh_installman: fixed variable socoping error, so file conversions should work now.
* r435: turned back on (damnit)joey2001-02-10
* r421: use strictjoey2001-02-09
* r418: * Fixed a stupid typo in dh_suidregister, Closes: #85110joey2001-02-06
* r416: better messagejoey2001-02-03
| | | | wrapping
* r407: * suidmanager is obsolete now, and so is dh_suidmanager. Instead,joey2001-01-10
| | | | | | | | | | | | packages that contain suid binaries should include the binaries suid in the .deb, and dpkg-statoverride can override this. If this is done to a program that previously used suidmanager, though, you need to conflict with suidmanager (<< 0.50). * Made dh_suidmanager check to see if it would have done anything before. If so, it states that it is obsolete, and refer users to the man page, which now explains the situation, and then aborts the build. If it would have done nothing before, it just outputs a warning that it is an obsolete program.
* r397: horribly broke everything I touched :-)joey2000-11-28
* r338: * Patch from Jorgen `forcer' Schaefer <forcer at> (muchjoey2000-03-02
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | modified)to make dh_installwm use new window manager registration method, update-alternatives. Closes: #52156, #34684 (latter bug is obsolete) * Fixed $dh{flavor} to be upper-case. * Deprecated dh_installemavcsen --number; use --priority instead. Also, the option parser requires the parameter be a number now. And, dh_installwm now accepts --priority, and window manager packages should start using it. * dh_installwm now behaves like a proper debhelper command, and reads debian/<package>.wm too. This is a small behavior change; filenames specified on the command line no longer apply to all packages it acts on. I can't belive this program existed for 2 years with such a glaring problem; I guess most people don't need ot register 5 wm's in 3 sub-packages. Anyway, it can handle such things now. :-) * Moved Dh_*.pm to /usr/lib/perl5/Debian/Debhelper. *big* change.
* r320: Fixed a rather esoteric bug: If a file had multiple hard links, and wasjoey1999-11-30
| | | | | | | | suid, suidregister detected all the hard links as files that need to be registered. It looped, registering the first link, and then removing its suid bit. This messed up the registration of the other had links, since their permissions were now changed, leading to unpredictable results. The fix is to just not remove suid bits until all files have been registered.
* r308: * dh_suidregister: Die with understandable error message if asked tojoey1999-11-23
| | | | | | | | | | | | act on files that don't exist. * dh_installchangelogs: to comply with policy, if it's told to act on a html changelog, it installs it as changelog.html.gz and dumps a plain text version to changelog.gz. The dumping is done with lynx. (Closes: #51099) * Modified it so any options specified after -- are added to U_PARAMS. This means that instead of passing '-u"something nasty"' to dh_gencontrol and the like, you can pass '-- something nasty' without fiddling to get the quoting right, etc.
* r11: Initial revisionjoey1999-08-17