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* dh_python: Removed this deprecated and unused command. Closes: #717374 ↵Joey Hess2013-07-19
| | | | (Thanks, Luca Falavigna)
* dh: Skips running commands that it can tell do nothing.Joey Hess2013-05-05
| | | | | | | | | This is determined by the presence of special PROMISE directives within commands that provide a high-level description of the command. Note that when dh is passed additional debhelper options, it cannot tell if these change the behavior of commands, and so it stops skipping any commands.
* Make it possible to pass perl code to autoscript.Marcin Owsiany2012-09-09
| | | | | | | The shell-quoted sed code passed as parameter 4 is fragile (see Bug#665296). Make it possible to pass a sub that operates on each line via $_ instead. Also add a basic unit test for Dh_Lib, for now just with tests for autoscript.
* Revert avoid expanding shell metacharacters in sed call in autoscript(). It ↵Joey Hess2012-03-22
| | | | breaks dh_usrlocal and must be considered part of its interface. Added to interface documentation. Closes: #665263
* v9 doneJoey Hess2012-01-15
| | | | | | | | * Finalized v9 mode, which is the new recommended default. (But continuing to use v8 is also fine.) * It is now deprecated for a package to not specify a compatability level in debian/compat. Debhelper now warns if this is not done, and packages without a debian/compat will eventually FTBFS.
* dh: The --before --after --until and --remaining options are deprecated. Use ↵Joey Hess2011-08-05
| | | | override targets instead.
* updateJoey Hess2011-07-19
* dh_installgsettings: New command to handle gsettings schema files. Closes: ↵Joey Hess2011-04-01
| | | | #604727
* updateJoey Hess2010-08-07
* updateJoey Hess2010-05-28
* In v8 mode, prefer the perl_build buildsystem over perl_makemaker. Closes: ↵Joey Hess2010-05-28
| | | | #578805
* In v8 mode, dh expects the sequence to run is always its first parameter.Joey Hess2010-05-27
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | This avoids ambiguities when parsing options to be passed on to debhelper commands. (See #570039) In the end, the idea of putting the debhelper command options after -- seemed to need too much knowledge about whether an option like --buildsystem is a dh option or a command option. I did consider making no change.. The ambiguities this eliminates are small. But it seemed worth simplifying dh's option parser, and only about 1/6th of calls to dh in the archive don't put the sequence first already. (Docs have shown that as the right thing to do for some time.)
* updateJoey Hess2010-05-23
* clarifyJoey Hess2010-05-23
* debian/compress files are now deprecated. Seems only one package (genesis) ↵Joey Hess2010-05-23
| | | | still uses them.
* updateJoey Hess2010-05-23
* dh_testversion: Removed this deprecated command.Joey Hess2010-05-23
| | | | | | | | | | | | | 2 packages in the archive still use it, but both like this: ifneq ($(shell dh_testversion '<<' 7.4.10 2>/dev/null && echo old),old) dh_parallel = --parallel endif Happily, the way that was written, if the command doesn't exist, it does the right thing and enables the behavior for the new debhelper. Not that it would greatly matter if it did not, since --parallel is not crucial.
* In v8 mode, dh_makeshlibs will run dpkg-gensymbols on all shared libraries ↵Joey Hess2010-05-23
| | | | it generates shlibs files for. This means that -X can be used to exclude libraries from processing by dpkg-gensymbols. It also means that libraries in unusual locations, where dpkg-gensymbols does not itself normally look will be passed to it, a behavior change which may break some packages. Closes: #557603
* In v8 mode, do not allow directly passing unknown options to debhelper ↵Joey Hess2010-05-23
| | | | commands. (Unknown options in DH_OPTIONS still only result in warnings.)
* Add deprecation warning for dh_clean -k.Joey Hess2010-05-23
* updateJoey Hess2010-05-12
* updateJoey Hess2010-04-08
* releasing version 7.4.16Joey Hess2010-04-06
* If neither -a or -i are specified, debhelper commands used to default to ↵Joey Hess2010-03-01
| | | | acting on all packages in the control file, which was a guaranteed failure if the control file listed packages that did not build for the target architecture. After recent optimisations, this default behavior can efficiently be changed to the more sane default of acting on only packages that can be built for the current architecture. This change is mostly useful when using minimal rules files with dh. Closes: #572077
* todoJoey Hess2010-02-16
* updateJoey Hess2009-12-29
* stop trying to handle substvars idempotentlyJoey Hess2009-12-29
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | In the beginning, I tried to be careful to have commands that added a substvar remove it when ran again with different options that caused it to not be needed. However, now when I look over the code, I see 3 places that got it right, 1 that was right but I just broke, and a dozen that don't even try to handle this case. Also, handling the case is hard; code that adds substvars may be complex and calculate versioned dependencies. The removal code then has to somehow also come up with those same exact dependency strings. It's a recipe for nasty code and maintenance headache even if I went and fixed everything right now. Instead, I dropped the whole thing. Many debhelper commands make no pretense of being idempotent anyway; it's easy and normal to call dh_prep when starting a binary package build, with the exact purpose of not needing to worry about idempotency. I did leave in the delsubstvar function, as well as the option to addsubstvar that, confusingly, causes an item to be removed. Just for library compatability reasons.
* releasing version 7.4.10Joey Hess2009-12-09
* Drop deprecated programs from the list of commands in debhelper(7). Closes: ↵Joey Hess2009-11-04
| | | | #548382
* updateJoey Hess2009-11-04
* Add deprecation warnings for -u to the documentation, since putting options ↵Joey Hess2009-11-04
| | | | after -- is much more sane. (However, -u will not go away any time soon.) Closes: #554509
* -a == -sJoey Hess2009-09-01
| | | | | | | The -a flag now does the same thing as the -s flag, so debhelper users do not need to worry about using the -s flag when building a package that only builds for some architectures, and dh will also work in that situation. Closes: #540794
* drop regex support from remove_command_optionsJoey Hess2009-08-26
| | | | | | | | | | | | | I hope that it will not be needed; indeed I doubt that remove_command_options will be used much, because sequence addons would need to try to do conflicting things to need it. And the interface makes it hard for such conflicting sequence addons to work around the other, since addons can be loaded in either order. So let's not encourage them too much, and if there's a use case later, we can made changes. I haven't applied Modestas's enhanced patch that allows adding an option to all commands because I similarly think it might not be used. If a use case comes along we can add something like that.
* Allow dh addons to pass options to debhelper commandsModestas Vainius2009-08-26
| | | | | | | | Add dh addons APIs add_command_options()/remove_command_options() that allow addons to add additional options which dh will pass to the specified debhelper commands. Signed-off-by: Modestas Vainius <>
* releasing version 7.3.12Joey Hess2009-08-06
* dh: Allow creation of new sequences (such as to handle a patch target for ↵Joey Hess2009-08-06
| | | | quilt), by adding an add_command function to the sequence addon interface. See #540124.
* mention configureJoey Hess2009-07-01
* misc minor changesJoey Hess2009-06-29
* clean up --sourcedir/--sourcedirectory conflictJoey Hess2009-06-28
| | | | | | | | | | | | * Move two move command-specific options to only be accepted by the commands that use them. The options are: --sourcedir, --destdir * If any third-party debhelper commands use either of the above options, they will be broken, and need to be changed to pass options to init(). This was done because of a conflict with the --sourcedirectory options used by dh_auto_*. I originally wanted to make dh_auto_* and dh_install both use --sourcedir, but that didn't work out.
* Merge branch 'master' into buildsystemsJoey Hess2009-06-11
|\ | | | | | | | | Conflicts: debian/changelog
| * dh_scrollkeeper: Now a deprecated no-op. Closes: #530806Joey Hess2009-05-27
| |
* | updateJoey Hess2009-04-20
| |
* | basic docs about buildsystem classesJoey Hess2009-04-20
* Move dh sequence documentation to PROGRAMMING.Joey Hess2009-04-20
* updateJoey Hess2009-04-10
* document load_load, write_logJoey Hess2009-03-23
* remove item already doneJoey Hess2009-03-07
* Compatability level 4 is now deprecated.Joey Hess2009-03-07
* updateJoey Hess2009-02-15
* Move many command-specific options to only be accepted by the command that ↵Joey Hess2008-10-21
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | uses them. Affected options are: -x, -r, -R, -l, -L, -m, --include-conffiles, --no-restart-on-upgrade, --no-start, --restart-after-upgrade, --init-script, --filename, --flavor, --autodest, --libpackage, --add-udeb, --dpkg-shlibdeps-params, --dpkg-gencontrol-params, --update-rcd-params, --major, --remove-d, --dirs-only, --keep-debug, --version-info, --list-missing, --fail-missing, --language, --until, --after, --before, --remaining, --with * If any third-party debhelper commands use any of the above options, they will be broken, and need to be changed to pass options to init(). * To avoid breaking rules files that pass options to commands that do not use them, debhelper will now only warn if it encounters an unknown option. This will be converted back to an error later.