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* r581: * Add calls to dh_installcatalogs to example rules files. Closes: #1...joey2003-03-31
* r568: * Fixed dh_python ordering in example rules files. Closes: #172283joey2002-12-09
* r565: * Various minor changes based on suggestions by luca.joey2002-11-21
* r518: * dh_movefiles has long been a sore point in debhelper. Inheritedjoey2002-04-12
* r506: * Introduced the debian/compat file. This is the new, preferred way ...joey2002-01-27
* r476: * Remove dh_testversion from example rules file, Closes: #99901joey2001-06-08
* r420: big monsta changesjoey2001-02-09
* r407: * suidmanager is obsolete now, and so is dh_suidmanager. Instead,joey2001-01-10
* r392: * DH_COMPAT=3 now enables the following new features which I can't justjoey2000-11-27
* r364: * Whoops, I forgot to add v3 to cvs, so it was missing from a fewjoey2000-08-04
* r359: * I started work on debhelper v2 over a year ago, with a long list ofjoey2000-07-19
* r358: * Put dh_installogrotate in the examples, Closes: #66986joey2000-07-10
* r347: spellingjoey2000-05-01
* r337: * Copyright update: files in the examples directory are public domain.joey2000-02-08
* r330: * Make all examples rules files executable.joey2000-01-06
* r328: * Added dh_installmime calls to examples, Closes: #54056joey2000-01-04
* r295: * Corrected a path name in dh_installxfonts. Closes: #48315joey1999-10-25
* r287: * Fiddlesticks. The neat make trick I was using in rules.multi2 fail...joey1999-09-30
* r286: * Fiddlesticks. The neat make trick I was using in rules.multi2 fail...joey1999-09-30
* r285: * Fixed quoting problem in examples/rules.multi (Closes: #46254)joey1999-09-29
* r284: * Enhanced debconf support -- the database is now cleaned up on packagejoey1999-09-29
* r270: * Corrected example rules files, which had some messed up targets.joey1999-09-09
* r265: * It turns out it's possible to set up make variables that are speci...joey1999-09-03
* r3: Initial revisionjoey1999-08-17