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* r1946: * dh_python: Also be a no-op if there's a Python-Version control file ...joeyh2006-10-03
* r1929: * dh_installmodules: depmod -a is no longer run during boot, so if a m...joeyh2006-06-09
* r1918: releasing version 5.0.35joeyh2006-05-11
* r1905: * dh_installxfonts: pass --x11r7-layout to update-fonts-* commands to ...joeyh2006-04-17
* r1900: * dh_installxfonts: Random hack to deal with X font dirs moving tojoeyh2006-04-13
* r1895: releasing version 5.0.27joeyh2006-03-30
* r1882: releasing version 5.0.24joeyh2006-02-23
* r1878: releasing version 5.0.23joeyh2006-02-20
* r1873: releasing version 5.0.22joeyh2006-01-28
* r1864: releasing version 5.0.19joeyh2006-01-24
* r1825: releasing version 5.0.8joey2005-12-05
* r1822: releasing version 5.0.7joey2005-11-14