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* add pt addendum fileJoey Hess2014-08-13
* add pt translation, currently it breaks the buildJoey Hess2014-08-13
* dh_python: Removed this deprecated and unused command. Closes: #717374 (Thank...Joey Hess2013-07-19
* add footer for german translationJoey Hess2011-12-06
* add and enable German translationJoey Hess2011-12-06
* Large update to Spanish man page translations by Omar Campagne. Closes: #600913Joey Hess2010-10-21
* releasing version 7.9.1Joey Hess2010-06-16
* Add dh_lintian french translationvalery perrin2009-09-17
* * update french translation. Closes: #494300, #477703Valéry Perrin2009-09-16
* r1960: releasing version 5.0.42joeyh2006-11-12
* r1822: releasing version 5.0.7joey2005-11-14