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* test suite should not need modification to add a new build systemJoey Hess2009-07-14
* remove enforce_out_of_source_buildingJoey Hess2009-06-29
* More verbose rmdir_builddir() and more its testsModestas Vainius2009-06-30
* Support absolute paths for builddir.Modestas Vainius2009-06-30
* Add absolute path test for canonpath.Modestas Vainius2009-06-30
* Rename _canonpath to canonpath.Modestas Vainius2009-06-30
* Rename enforce_out_of_source_building() to prefer_Modestas Vainius2009-06-30
* Less code in the build system classes to call enforce_out_of_source_building().Modestas Vainius2009-06-18
* Some cosmetic changes in the comments and strings.Modestas Vainius2009-06-17
* New short switches for buildsystem stuff, drop envvarsModestas Vainius2009-06-13
* Use another root directory in _rel2rel.Modestas Vainius2009-06-13
* Drop special handling for build directory ./path.Modestas Vainius2009-06-13
* Add a test suite for build systems.Modestas Vainius2009-06-11