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* r1941: * ACK last three NMUs with thanks to Raphael Hertzog for making the be...joeyh2006-10-01
* r1939: * Add size test, which fails on any debhelper program of more than 150joeyh2006-07-29
* r1843: * dh_link: add special case handling for paths to a directory containi...joeyh2006-01-08
* r1818: releasing version 5.0.5joey2005-11-09
* r1811: * Remove dh_shlibs from binary-indep section of debian/rules.joey2005-11-07
* r1762: * Add another test-case for dh_link.joey2005-06-13
* r1695: * dh_gconf: gconf schemas moved to /usr/share/gconf/schemas. Relocatejoey2004-07-08
* r1086: * Several man pae typo fixes by Ruben Porras. Closes: #202819joey2003-07-28
* r189: Initial revisionjoey1999-08-17