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Add tags sarge-ignore and fixed-uptsream.
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@@ -229,6 +229,8 @@
;; given. thanks to Jeff Sheinberg (Closes: #211598).
;; V1.48 01Oct2003 Peter S Galbraith <>
;; - Make debian-bug accept P or F without a carriage return.
+;; V1.49 05Oct2003 Peter S Galbraith <>
+;; - Add tags "sarge-ignore" and "fixed-uptsream".
;; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
;;; Todo (Peter's list):
@@ -407,8 +409,9 @@ Debian maintainers.")
(defvar debian-bug-alltags-alist
'(("patch") ("wontfix") ("moreinfo") ("unreproducible") ("help") ("pending")
- ("fixed") ("security") ("upstream") ("potato") ("woody") ("sarge") ("sid")
- ("experimental") ("confirmed") ("d-i") ("ipv6") ("lfs"))
+ ("fixed") ("security") ("upstream") ("potato") ("woody") ("sarge")
+ ("sarge-ignore") ("sid") ("experimental") ("confirmed") ("fixed-upstream")
+ ("d-i") ("ipv6") ("lfs"))
"Alist of all valid Tags, aimed at Debian developpers.")
(defvar debian-bug-pseudo-packages
@@ -1065,8 +1068,11 @@ Feb 8th 2002, checked Apr 22 2003.")))
This bug applies to the upstream part of the package.
+ fixed-upstream
+ The bug has been fixed by the upstream maintainer, but not yet in the
+ package (for whatever reason: perhaps it is too complicated to backport
+ the change or too minor to be worth bothering).
This bug is relevant to the development of debian-installer. It is
expected that this will be used when the bug affects installer
development but is not filed against a package that forms a direct
@@ -1081,6 +1087,10 @@ Feb 8th 2002, checked Apr 22 2003.")))
This bug particularly applies to the woody distribution.
This bug particularly applies to the (unreleased) sarge distribution.
+ sarge-ignore
+ This release-critical bug is to be ignored for the purposes of releasing
+ sarge. This tag should only be used by the release manager; do not set
+ it yourself without explicit authorization from him.
This bug particularly applies to an architecture that is currently
unreleased (that is, in the sid distribution).